Our History​​

History of ATCO Blue Flame KitchenSome things change - fashion, hairstyles, technology -but our commitment to providing exceptional customized services is better than ever.

The original home service department was established in 1930 to help homemakers get the best results when using the "exciting new cooking fuel, natural gas." "You can do it better with gas" was the motto of the time.

During this era, new appliances that used this "wonder fuel" were introduced into Alberta's marketplace. These appliances would revolutionize household chores, making life easier and more efficient. It was the job of the utility home economists to show homemakers how to operate the appliances. New recipes were developed and tested, encouraging homemakers to use their new gas appliances. The home economists were also available by telephone to solve any household problems.

Time marches on. Appliances and recipes have changed. You, our customers, have changed, and we too have changed with the times. Today, we continue to keep in touch with our customers.

Our community educators/home economists answer inquiries annually about food, cooking, and other household concerns through our toll-free  Answer Line, online chat and email.

Our website is well stocked with recipes and information about cooking and your home.

Our team offers cooking classes in Calgary and Edmonton.

Our tradition of providing recipes is one of our most valued services and our cookbooks have become culinary staples in many Alberta kitchens.

Our experts are proud to be a part of the culinary heritage of Alberta.

ATCO Blue Flame Kitchen is proud to now be a part of ATCOenergy.     www.ATCOenergy.com​


Then and Now...

Calgary Learning CentreCalgary Learning Centre - a state-of-the- art cooking and education facility

Edmonton Retail Store and Kitchen - a newly renovated vibrant space.

Last updated on July 17, 2019