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Spring Cleaning Tips
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Traditionally, spring cleaning is a time to do cleaning tasks that are not done on a regular weekly or monthly basis.

This includes cleaning as well as going through and reducing the amount of ‘stuff’ you have.

Survey mentally or make notes for each room. 

Be prepared with needed products and equipment.

Don’t get overwhelmed! Set a goal for each amount of time you have. Don’t try to do your whole apartment or house at once.

Start in each room by removing any clutter or extra things that have built up in an area. Remove these to a laundry basket or box, then go through and deal with them. Do not just make another pile somewhere else.

Whole House

  • Check and clean or replace furnace filters. This will mean cleaner air going into each room and increase the efficiency of your furnace.

  • Check and replace, if needed, the filter in your refrigerator and water softener.

  • Vacuum cold air return vents and furnace heat vents. If possible, remove vents and vacuum around and into the opening as far as you can see.

  • Take apart and clean light fixtures, including bulbs. Consider replacing bulbs that are hard to reach with longer lasting bulbs.

  • Wash windows, including screens. Learn how in our Household Cleaning Guide.

  • Wash or have window coverings cleaned.

  • Vacuum window valences and window coverings that will not be washed or cleaned.

  • Damp wipe the tops of all door frames.

  • Damp wipe all baseboards.

  • Clean fire, smoke and CO2 detectors and replace batteries.

  • Dust walls with a long mop and dry microfiber cloth. Wash walls, if needed. Learn how in our Household Cleaning Guide​.


  • Clean refrigerator and freezer. See our guide.

  • Reorganize and replace items. Check our Food Storage PDF Guide (491 KB).

  • Clean grills and condenser coils on refrigerator even if your refrigerator doesn’t need cleaning.

  • Take apart and clean all fans (ceiling, range). Allow to dry before reassembling.

  • Clean garbage, recycling and compost bins. Disinfect if needed. Put in full sun for a few hours to deodorize.

  • Clean cabinets inside. Remove items, one cupboard at a time, go through and dispose of unwanted items. Wash and dry shelves and drawers; dry. Reorganize and replace contents. 

  • Clean pantry or pantry cupboard. Remove all items, wash and dry all shelves. For more information on cleaning your pantry, check out information on dry food storage.

  • Wash and dry outside of cabinets. Use a wood or cabinet polish if the doors, drawer fronts and sides are finished wood.

  • Wash and dry tops of cabinets.

  • Clean garburator according to manufacturer’s instructions or grind up several lemons or limes. Clean all rubber gaskets using baking soda, then rinse well.

  • If needed, clean dishwasher. Learn how in our blog​!


  • Take apart and clean fan.

  • Remove hard water build up around taps by wrapping the area with cloths or paper towels saturated with vinegar and water.
    Leave to soak 10 minutes to soften, remove cloths and rinse. This may need to be done more than once.

  • Remove hard water build up on shower head by cleaning as above or remove shower head and soak in vinegar and water. 

  • De-scaler products are available in grocery and hardware stores for these cleaning tasks.

  • Clean cabinets inside and out. Remove items and go through; take expired items to your drug store for disposal. Dispose of old make-up and other products.

  • Wash and dry insides of cabinets. Reorganize contents.

  • Wash, rinse and dry outside of cabinets. Use a wood or cabinet polish if the doors, etc are finished wood.

  • Clean shower curtain and liner and curtain rods.


  • Go through closets and drawers and remove clothes that no longer fit, are out of style or are showing signs of wear. 

  • Vacuum into corners or wash closet floor. Wash any shelf tops and drawers in closet.

  • Put clothes that need repairs in a pile and do the repairs or take to a seamstress or tailor.

  • Clean ceiling fans and any portable fans or humidifiers.

  • Have children help in their rooms and then decide together what to do with clothes, ornaments or toys that they have outgrown.

Linen Closet

  • Go through linens, remove any unwanted or unused items and reorganize.

  • Wash and dry shelving; vacuum and clean floor.

Dining Room/Living Room

  • Clean ceiling fan.

  • Remove books and ornaments from shelves; damp wipe shelves. Don’t forget to do the top shelf. Dust or damp wipe items as they are put back on the shelves.

  • Move furniture into centre of room and vacuum and clean floors all around edges. Vacuum and clean remainder of floors when furniture is put back.

  • Check floor protectors on furniture legs and replace if worn or dirty.

  • Remove dishes and ornaments from display cabinets. Wash and dry all shelves and drawers. Reorganize and refill drawers.

  • Damp wipe and dry all display items and replace on shelves.

  • Use a wood polish on all finished wood surfaces.

Laundry Room/ Basement/Storage areas

  • Organize all storage areas and shelving units.

  • Vacuum and wash floor around and behind laundry appliances.

  • Sort cleaning products, disposing of unwanted items.

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