​Lunch 'N Learn Demonstration Classes​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Our Lunch 'N Learn demonstration classes will leave you wanting more. Observe our chefs at work as they demonstrate how to make the dishes your are served, while enjoying a light meal and you'll be able to take home copies of the featured recipes. Classes run 12 - 1 p.m.

To sign up for a course, call 403-245-7630. 

February Classes

Havana Nights: Celebrating Cuban Cuisine (Thursday, Feb. 1 or Friday, Feb. 2) $25
Cuba is known for its rum, its cigars and its classic Caribbean cuisine. With this class you’ll be introduced to Cuba’s national dish, Ropa Vieja — shredded beef in a rich tomato sauce with olives and pimentos. While we’re in the island state of mind, our chef instructors will also prepare tostones (twice-fried plantain slices) with a fresh mango avocado salad and a pumpkin flan for dessert.

Treat Your Sweetheart: Valentine’s Day Brunch (Thursday, Feb. 8 or Friday, Feb. 9) $25
It’s true — the way to your love’s heart is often through their stomach and there’s no better way to spoil your sweetie than to prepare a romantic Valentine’s Day brunch. Our chef instructors will share some French techniques to help you take your brunch game to the next level, with dishes like a heavenly crepes suzette with prosciutto, fresh fruit and cheese and a classic quiche Lorraine all on the menu. 

Swiss Comfort Fare (Thursday, Feb. 22 or Friday, Feb. 23) $25
After a long day of skiing, nothing beats coming home to a belly-warming meal. Our chef instructors will introduce you to hearty après ski meals drawing from French and Swiss alpine traditions. Tuck into our slow cooker beef bourguignon, a rostizza (a pizza with a Swiss rosti crust) with Swiss cheese and speck bacon and warm apple hand pies for dessert.

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March Classes 

The Spices of India (Thursday, March 1 or Friday, March 2) $25
Indian flavours can be complex — get to know your way around an Indian spice box with this boldly flavoured Lunch ‘n’ Learn. Learn how to use ingredients like garam masala, curry leaves, coriander and tumeric to create Indian classics like lamb rogan josh curry, homemade naan bread and an authentic Indian rice pudding for dessert. 

A Taste of Vienna (Thursday, March 8 or Friday, March 9) $25
Because of its location right in between Eastern and Western Europe, Austria is a melting pot of different cultures, which is reflected in the country’s unique cuisine. In this class our chef instructor will recreate the menu of a typical Viennese café, teaching you all about Viennese sausage, cheese, and chocolate while sharing recipes for an onion and sausage quiche and a classic Wiener Schnitzel. 

Beyond Beef: The Wide World of Wellingtons (Friday, March 16) $25​
Most of us know beef wellington — that classic dish consisting of beef carefully wrapped in puff pastry — but did you know that beef isn’t the only filling worthy of the wellington treatment? Join us in exploring the world of wellingtons beyond the classic beef. We’ll look at pork and prosciutto wellingtons as well as a meatless version with Portobello mushroom and brie. 
Everyday Italian (Thursday, March 22 or Friday, March 23) $25
Italian cuisine is all about passion and simplicity. Our chef instructors will show you how to prepare authentic dishes with simple ingredients of the highest-quality. Start with insalata, an Italian-style salad, before moving on to hand-crafted pasta served with a rich and meaty Bolognese. For dessert, enjoy a light and creamy panna cotta.
Cooking classes

To sign up for a course, call 403-245-7630 or register online.
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Last updated on February 20, 2018