​Lunch 'N Learn Demonstration Classes​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Our Lunch 'N Learn demonstration classes will leave you wanting more. Observe our chefs at work as they demonstrate how to make the dishes your are served, while enjoying a light meal and you'll be able to take home copies of the featured recipes. Classes run 12 - 1 p.m.

To sign up for a course, call 403-245-7630.  

May Classes

Japanese Cooking: Sushi & Ramen ( Friday, May 25) $25
At this Lunch ‘n’ Learn we’ll celebrate sushi and ramen — two staples of modern Japanese cuisine. Learn how to make vinegared sushi rice and roll it into an impressive inside-out vegetable roll, as well as a rich bowl of miso ramen noodle soup with pork belly, smoked egg and kimchi.
Peruvian Pleasures (Thursday, May 31 or Friday, June 1) $25
Get to know the diverse cuisine of Peru, a delicious meld of indigenous, African, Asian and European influences. Using traditional South American ingredients like plantain, fish and toasted corn, our chef instructor will showcase authentic Peruvian dishes like rotisserie chicken, ceviche and plantain pancakes.
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June Classes 

BBQ Brush-Up (Thursday, June 7 or Friday, June 8) $25
Have your barbeque skills become rusty over the winter? Get in prime barbequing shape with this “brush-up” class and reacquaint yourself with the ways of the grill. We’ll fire up the barbeque and show you how to make a tasty pork chop brine, Dr. Pepper BBQ sauce and an all-purpose BBQ seasoning that will get you through the summer.

Father's Day: Dad's Day Out (Thursday, June 14 or Friday, June 15) $25
Treat the Dad in your life to a lunch filled with his favourite indulgences. We’ll ply him with special occasion dishes like brined and smoked chicken thighs, deep fried pickles, roasted garlic and smoked cheddar mashed potatoes and a special dessert. With any luck, he’ll pick up some tips and recreate some of these delicacies for the rest of the family at home.​

Saddle-Up for Stampede (Thursday, June 21 or Friday, June 22) $25​
Prepare your stomach for 10 days of Stampede food madness with this fun midway-inspired Lunch ‘n’ Learn. Our chef instructor will show you how to make some Stampede favourites at home, like crispy buttermilk fried chicken, blueberry pancakes and those addictive little mini doughnuts
Canada Day: Coast to Coast (Thursday, June 28) $25
What are you serving for dinner this Canada Day? At this patriotic Lunch ‘n’ Learn we’ll be working with iconic Canadian ingredients to create dishes like authentically Canadian butter tarts and bison meatballs with Saskatoon berry chutney.
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September Classes - Downtown location

Visit Sri Lanka (Friday, September 14) $25
For centuries, Sri Lankan cuisine has been shaped by cultural influences and neighbouring countries. Our chefs will take you through how to make a few feature dishes such as “kool” Jaffna Seafood Stew, a village staple, as well as Lamprais and Malay Achcharu a popular chutney with a combination of sweet, sour and hot flavours.  

Farm Fresh Fall Feast (Thursday, September 20) $25
From vegetable to dairy producers, let’s honour our local farmers by creating recipes to highlight their fresh and delicious produce! Our chefs will take you through preparing an elegant leek and potato galette and a creamy squash and carrot velouté. These hearty fall dishes will utilize flavourful, fresh root vegetables right from Alberta soil.

Cast Iron Cooking (Thursday, September 27 & Friday, September 28) $25
The cast iron pan is a versatile, long-lasting workhorse and a must-have in any kitchen. During the lunch demonstration you’ll learn a range of cast iron cooking techniques, from frying up focaccia, cooking a roast, to even making a peach cobbler! Like all of our cooking classes, you’ll reap the rewards, and you will get to finish out the class enjoying a delicious Philly cheese steak sandwich.  
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September Classes - Park Location

Lunch ‘N Learn: Indian Flare (Thursday, September 6) $25
Have you ever been to Mumbai? This class will transport you across India from Punjab and Karnataka states, while you learn how to make a variety of curries unique to Indian culture. Spice things up with an old Delhi-style chicken curry, Punjabi red gravy and a Mumbia lamb curry.

Lunch ‘N Learn: Argentina Asado (Friday, September 14) $25
Though asado is a celebration of all things fire, grill and meat, do not make the mistake of comparing it to regular barbecue. Learn why Argentinians are so passionate about their grilled meat and all things that make it so wonderful. Enjoy heartwarming flavours as our instructors kick up a hearty peasant soup, along with a bold chimichurri sauce that partners perfectly with our savoury grilled beef.

Lunch ‘n Learn: Southeast Asian Cuisine (Friday, September 28) $25
Tantalize your taste buds with traditional Southeast Asian recipes that incorporate four main seasonings: salty, sweet, sour and spicy. Our instructors will take you on a journey as they teach you how to make staples, including Thai spring rolls, Vietnamese subs and coconut-rice pancakes.
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Last updated on May 18, 2018