​Lunch 'N Learn Demonstration Classes​​​​​​
Our Lunch 'N Learn demonstration classes will leave you wanting more. Observe our chefs at work as they demonstrate how to make the dishes your are served, while enjoying a light meal and you'll be able to take home copies of the featured recipes. Classes run 12 - 1 p.m.
To sign up for a course, call 403-245-7630. 

January Classes

Singaporean (Thursday, January 5 or Friday, Janury 6) $25
Explore the spicy and sweet flavours of Singapore by trying their national dish—Hainanese chicken rice, served with a spicy cucumber salad and a mango pudding for dessert. 

Comfort Food (Thursday, January 12 or Friday, January 13) $25
You’ll want to break your New Year’s Resolution for this class. Our chef instructor will be demonstrating how to make tomato bisque and a hearty beef stroganoff. Then, they’ll take you through how to make the best buttery, browned biscuit for your peach cobbler. 

Ecuadorian (Thursday, January 19 or Friday, January 20) $25
The diverse landscape of Ecuador will provide a back drop to this class’ menu. From the coastal region, fresh seafood is the heart of many dishes. Into the jungle the incredible variety of fruits and through the mountain regions—hearty Latin-influenced dishes.
Minimalist Italian (Thursday, January 26) $25
No need to over complicate dishes when you are using vibrant, flavourful ingredients. We’ll be using the freshest ingredient to demonstrate sometimes less is more. On the menu: eggplant Parmesan rollatini, potato gnocchi with sausage and arugula, and biscotti for dessert.

February Classes

Morocco's Great Spice Trade (Thursday, February 2) $25
Taste your way through the rich and luscious spices that have come to influence Moroccan cuisine. We’ll be using turmeric, cumin and paprika to create a trio of dips and a tagine made with chickpeas and beef. For dessert, ktefa will be served.

Tex-Mex (Thursday, February 9 or Friday, February 10) $25
We’re combining the bold flavours of Texas and Mexico to show you how to make chili con carne, pulled pork nachos and a decadent cinnamon brownie with vanilla ice cream
Indian (Thursday, February 23 or Friday, February 24) $25
Known for its bold flavours and spices, this all new Indian menu will be no exception. Learn how to make delicious homemade samosas with chickpeas, potatoes and peas. For the main course, we’ll be serving tandoori chicken and basmati with mango chutney.

March Classes

Wonderful World of Eggs (Thursday, March 2) $25
The possibilities with eggs are endless! Enjoy an appetizer of Scotch eggs, our main course will feature a B.E.L.T. sandwich on challah bread and then a classic French dessert—Îles flottantes.

For the Love of Potatoes (Thursday, March 9 or Friday, March 10) $25
This is for all you potato lovers out there! To kick off the class is a unique soup to showcase the textures of potato followed by a jumbo stuffed baked potato with pulled pork and smoked gouda and a tarragon green salad on the side. We’ll conclude the meal with a wonderful potato based dessert! 
St. Patrick' Day (Thursday, March 16) $25
Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with a traditional Irish feast! Our chef instructor will walk you through how to make a savoury celeriac soup then they’ll demonstrate how to get that golden crust on your Shepherd’s pie and what would an Irish  feast be without Irish Whiskey? For dessert is an Irish bread pudding with a whiskey caramel sauce.

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