Demonstration Events​​


In Calgary

Enjoy an afternoon or evening with your team as a chef demonstrates how your three course meal is being prepared, learning their tricks to success so you can recreate the dishes at home. Demonstration classes are ideal for groups between 12 to 32 people. The event is 1.5 hours which includes a welcoming reception, a personalized chef demonstration that works to develop team interaction and a three course meal.

Capacity: 12 - 32 guests  /   Duration: 1.5 hours


To book an event with us or for more information call us at 403-245-7630 or email.  
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In Edmonton

For a demonstration class, we require a minimum of 10 people and can accommodate up to 25 people. The cost is $35 per person. We offer classes in many different topics and can easily adapt one for your needs.  Contact us to discuss your event and we will plan a class catered to you. Typically 1 hour long, during our demonstration classes you will try samples of all of the dishes demonstrated and will take home recipe packages with lots of delicious ideas to try at home.

Capacity: 10 - 25 guests  /  Duration 1 hour


To book an event with us or for more information call us at 780-420-7282 or email.
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Demonstration Themes 


​30 MINUTE MEALS - Edmonton Theme

When life gets busy, finding the time to cook meals can be a challenge. Learn how to prepare delicious, healthy recipes in 30 minutes or less.



BREAD MAKING - Calgary Theme

The art of bread making, simplified! Our Chef Instructors can help take the fear away from fluffy, light and great smelling breads so that you can enjoy making it at home.

BREAD - Edmonton Theme

The art of bread making simplified! Our instructors can help take the fear away from the fluffy, light and great smelling breads so that you can enjoy making it at home.


Unlock the mysteries of pressure cooking! Learn how a pressure cooker works, how to use it, view a recipe demonstration and sample the delicious results. This time saving method of cooking also locks in flavours, nutrients and tenderizes at the same time.

Everything Bacon


Everybody loves bacon! Watch our Chef Instructors create a whole meal centred on bacon. Bacon Caesar Salad, Braised Pork Belly entrée and Bourbon Maple Bacon Lollypops for desert.

MENU PLANNING - Edmonton Theme

Come learn the benefits of menu planning to simplify meal time, and save you time and money! We will show you great recipe ideas that can be turned into delicious lunches that won't feel like tired leftovers.


MEXICAN - Calgary Theme

Authentic Mexican tacos with all the fixings! Watch as our Chef Instructors prepare Braised pork shoulder or pulled chicken, flour tortillas, pico de gallo and fresh guacamole.

Modern Brunch

MODERN BRUNCH - Calgary Theme

Now serving eggs benedict, frittata and French toast. Enjoy breakfast for dinner as our Chef instructors demonstrate how they apply a modern, western twist to these classic brunch dishes.


MOROCCAN - Calgary Theme

Experience the flavours of Morocco while a Chef Instructor demonstrates how to prepare Moroccan couscous, Harira Soup and traditional Ras el Hanout spice. The menu will also feature a Moroccan lamb dish.


PIZZA - Calgary & Edmonton Theme

Ever wondered how to make perfect pizza at home? Learn how to make fresh pizza dough and sauce and get inside tips for stretching and rolling your dough.


​SEAFOOD - Calgary Theme

A "seasonal" seafood feast with all the fixings. Learn about the Ocean Wise Program and everything from purchasing and cleaning seafood to mouth-watering presentations.
*The seafood presented will change based on availability of product and season

SEASONAL THEMES - Edmonton Theme

We offer a number of seasonal themes from Home Canning to Holiday themed classes. Ask us about current seasonal options for more information.

Southern Comfort


Experience the best flavours of the south. Shrimp and Grits, Our Signature Fried Chicken, Biscuits, and Sweet Potato Pie.

Spanish Tapas

SPANISH TAPAS - Calgary Theme

Sample authentic Spanish tapas including scallop ceviche and salt cod fritters while a Chef Instructor demonstrates the evening’s fresh menu and plating techniques.


THAI - Calgary Theme

Spice up your evening with Thai spring rolls, curry and coconut rice. Learn proper knife skills for preparing your vegetables and how to infuse the right spices in your Thai dishes.

THAI - Edmonton Theme

join us to sample one of the most popular and flavourful cuisines in the world. Learn how to make popular Thai dishes, such as Pad Thai and Prawns in Thai Green Curry.



VIETNAMESE - Calgary Theme

Learn proper techniques for preparing and assembling fresh salad rolls and authentic Pho Broth.
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