Help for our iPad and iPhone app

​Thanks for downloading the ATCO Blue Flame Kitchen app. The following quick-start guide should help you figure out how to use our app.

If you have any questions not answered here, please contact our ATCO Blue Flame Kitchen Answer Line. Contact information is found through a Contact Us button either on your right (iPad) or on the Settings screen (iPhone).


Home: Takes you to the home screen.
Shopping List: Consult your shopping list.
Favourites: Consult your list of favourite recipes.
Settings: Where all the other buttons live.
Back: Takes you to the last screen you were on.
YouTube: Takes you to our YouTube channel.
Recipe Key: Information about using our recipes, measuring, and choosing ingredients.
Pinterest: Takes you to our Pinterest page.
Twitter: Takes you to our Twitter page.
Timer: Set a timer so your cookies don’t burn.
Location: Find the Edmonton Office and Calgary Learning Centre on a map.
Web: Takes you to our website.
Live Chat: Launches a live chat with one of our professional home economists.
Contact Us: How to get in touch with us. (Phone, email, addresses, etc.)
Help: Takes you here.


To browse recipes: A selection of recipes is available through the home screen of both the iPad and iPhone app. On launch, the iPad app automatically loads our chosen featured recipes. On the iPhone, you have to tap on the Featured Recipes button to load the featured recipes. Other categories can also be browsed by tapping on the appropriate category button. 
Navigating: Tapping is how you select things. On the iPhone, most lists scroll up and down with finger swipes. You can also navigate between recipe pages by swiping left or right. On the iPad, more navigation is done with left and right swiping: move between search results pages, move between recipe pages, move between shopping list elements, move between pages of favourites, etc. Up and down scrolling is still used on recipe pages when the ingredients list and directions are very long, as well as on shopping list pages when a recipe has a very long list of ingredients. 
Search for a recipe (IPHONE): To search for a recipe, tap on the Search or Search Recipe button. If you don’t see a search button, tap on the Home button, and it will lead you to a page with a Search button. Tap in the “Search Recipes” text field, type in your search word, then hit return. If there are no results, an error message will be displayed. In the results list, tap on the name of the recipe you want to view. Once you’re on the recipe page, either tap the photo (if there is one) or the View This Recipe button to view the recipe. For search tips, see our Frequently Asked Questions.
Search for a recipe (IPAD): To search for a recipe, look for the Search box on the left-hand side of the screen. Tap in the search text box and enter the recipe search terms, then hit return. If there are no results, an error message will be displayed. In the results list, tap on the image (or placeholder image if the recipe has no photo) to load the recipe. For search tips, see our Frequently Asked Questions.
Save a recipe as a favourite: When you’ve found a recipe you want to save to your favourites for later reference, simply tap the Add to Favourites button on the specific recipe page. To access this recipe again later, tap on the Favourites button to access the list. To remove items from your favourites list, tap on the tick-box for items you want to remove, then tap delete (iPad) or the garbage can (iPhone).
Add a recipe to the shopping list: Find the recipe you want to add, then tap the Add to Shopping List button in the recipe. To view the recipe as a shopping list, tap on the Shopping List button on the bottom (iPhone) or right (iPad) of the screen. Tick off items as you check the pantry/fridge, buy them at the grocery store, etc. The Clear button wipes out all the checkmarks so you start with a clean slate. To remove recipes from the shopping list, tap the Edit button, use the tick boxes to pick the recipes you want to remove from the shopping list, then hit delete (a trash can on the iPhone version).
Set a timer: Tap the timer button (on the right-hand side on the iPad; at the top of each recipe page on the iPhone), then dial in the time you need. Hit start, and the timer counts down. Make sure you have your volume up and the mute switch deactivated so you can hear the alarm when it sounds. 
Find your local ATCO Blue Flame Kitchen: The Location button provides easy access to a map showing both our Edmonton Office and our Calgary Learning Centre. Tap on the button for the location of your choice, and it displays a map.


Q: Can I view recipes on my iPad/iPod Touch/iPhone when I’m not connected to the internet?
A: Yes and no. When you save a recipe as a favourite, a local copy of the recipe is saved on your device. In that case, you can view a favourited recipe when you’re not connected to the internet. However, searching for recipes does require an internet connection. If you know you’re going to be away from the internet and want to consult recipes, save any required recipes as favourites before you step away from your connection.
Q: Any search tips to help me find the recipe I’m looking for?
A: The best idea is to search for known recipe names or ingredients. If you’re having trouble finding a recipe by searching for an ingredient, try switching to the plural or singular of the same ingredient. For example, instead of tomato, try tomatoes; instead of pear, try pears. Right now, searching for two words in the recipe-search field yields a list of recipes that contain only that specific sequence of letters. For example, searching for “ginger pear” will not return recipes with both ginger and pear as ingredients. Instead, it will return recipes that contain the two words in that order: Ginger Pear Crumble and Ginger Pear Muffins. We are working to improve our search functionality.
Q: How many recipes are in your database?
A: We have nearly 3,000 kitchen-tested recipes available in our database, and we regularly add more. Not all of the recipes have photos yet, but we’re working to add more every month.
Q: Are the Favourites and Add to Favourites buttons the same?
A: On the iPhone, yes, they look the same; but they’re in a different place, and the action they perform is also different. The Favourites button is typically always visible on screen (on the bottom for iPhones, and on the right for iPads), as is the Shopping List button. These buttons take you to your collection of Favourites or the Shopping List page. The Add Favourites and Add to Shopping List buttons are at the top of each recipe page in the iPhone version, along with the Timer button. On the iPad, these buttons use words instead of an icon.
Q: In the live chat, am I speaking with a person or a robot?
A: A person. Our Edmonton-based team of home economists answers your questions about cooking, recipes, food safety, stain removal and other household problems.
Last updated on January 18, 2019