Cold Weather Energy Tips


Did you know there are easy choices you can make to reduce your winter bills? We want to help you save money. That’s why we’ve partnered up with our friends at ATCOenergy to show you some ways you can save on your energy costs this winter. See all the ways you can save this season below:

1. Have an energy audit done in your home to find air leaks; seal or fix any problem areas.

2. Add insulation to attic and walls to increase the total R value of your house.

3. Install a programmable thermostat. Set the temperature to go down 5*F (3*C) for times when you are sleeping or away from home. The temperature set to warm the house before you get up or arrive back home will make sure you are always warm and cozy.

4. Close doors and heating vents in unused rooms. Be certain there is no plumbing in the walls of these unused rooms as the temperature could drop enough to freeze any plumbing.

5. Keep curtains and furniture from blocking heating registers and cold air return vents.

6. Vacuum heating registers and cold air return vents. Also vacuum as far as you can on the inside.

7. Make sure all registers and vents are open. If necessary, replace any that are damaged and will not open and shut.

8. Circulate heated air using electric ceiling fans.

9. Keeping the basement cold may make your ground floor colder so keep the basement just warm.

10. When not using a fireplace, keep the chimney damper closed. 

11. Open window coverings during the day to let the sun in and warm your rooms. Close window coverings at night.

12. Blinds do a better job than regular fabric draperies in insulating from the cold. Special insulated draperies and blinds are available.

13. Use energy-efficient, low-wattage bulbs such as LED bulbs.

14. Use a timer or photoelectric cell to turn on lights at dusk.

15. Install a high efficiency furnace that uses less natural gas.

16. Have all gas-burning appliances checked by a qualified technician once a year.

17.Replace or clean furnace filters at the beginning of the colder weather. Then replace or clean them regularly according to the information from the furnace of filters.

18. Reduce hot water use and reduce the natural gas or electricity needed to heat the water

 a. Install a high efficiency water heater
 b. Lower the temperature on the hot water tank to 120 or 130°F. A drop in 10 degrees can give savings of 3-5%
 c. Install reduced-flow shower heads in bathrooms
 d. Keep hot showers as short as possible
 e. Use a high efficiency washing machine which uses less water
 f. Wash clothes in cold water whenever possible.

19. Clean the dryer lint filter after every use.

20. Use small appliances like an electric frypan, microwave oven or toaster oven instead of the oven.

21. If you do need to use your oven, only pre-heat as long as necessary, and try to cook more than one dish at a time or cook one

 right after the other. Do not open the oven door to check if your dish is done; keep the oven window clean so you can look inside

22. Use a slow cooker for long-cooking dishes instead of your oven. It uses less electricity than using the oven or stovetop.

23. Use photoelectric lighting on the outside of your house or change the timers to only come on when it gets dark.

Last updated on February 15, 2019