​How to Test if Meat is Cooked

​Like Goldilock’s porridge, it’s important to cook meat and poultry until it’s just right. If it’s overcooked, it’s too dry and tasteless; if it’s undercooked, it may be a health hazard. The best way to check for perfect doneness is to use an instant-read meat thermometer. Cook meat and poultry to the following internal temperatures unless otherwise specified by recipe.


​Rare         ​Medium Rare ​Medium     ​Well Done
​Beef/Lamb/Veal (roasts, steaks) ​ 140°F
​ 170°F  
​Bison/Buffalo (roasts, steaks) ​135°F
​Burgers (beef, bison/buffalo, lamb, pork or veal) ​160ºF
​Burgers (chicken or turkey) ​175ºF
​Ham (partially cooked) ​ 160°F
​Ham (ready-to-serve) ​140°F
​Pork (roasts, chops) ​160°F
​Roast Turkey (measured in the thigh) ​ 180 - 185ºF
(82 - 85ºC)
​Roast Turkey (measured in the breast) ​ 170 - 175ºF
(77 - 80ºC

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Last updated on July 17, 2019