​Happy New Year
If you’re planning on having company over, whether it’s a small or large group of people, it's always good to have some food on hand. Think about having a variety of items available for your guests to choose from. Look at items you can make ahead and small, simple items that can be made the day of. To help with your planning, we've separated recipes into make the day of and recipes that can be prepared 24 hours to a month in advance.

Selecting bite-sized appetizers makes snacking a breeze for you and your guests!





When planning a cocktail party, allow 3 - 4 cold and 6 - 8 hot appetizers per person.



Providing a variety of dips can make it is easy to have a wide selection of flavours for your guests. Think about dips that
pair nicely with different crackers or even vegetables.

Keep bit-sized items in mind as well when selecting desserts. Homemade squares, cookies and tarts are great because you can control the portion size and all the recipes listed below can be made ahead of time.

No New Years party is complete without some beverages! Choose between serving your guests individual drinks or having a self-serve punch bowl!

A fondue is gret for a small number of guests but it is also a fun option to have on your table for large crowds, the only problem is choosing one of the delicious flavours!
Last updated on January 22, 2019