​Serving and Storing Wine
​Many wine shops have knowledgeable staff happy to help you pair your menu with suitable wines. Here is something to keep in mind: in general, the heavier the food the more full-bodied and intensely flavourful the wine should be.
Serve white wine before red wine (except for dessert wine), dry wine before sweet wine, young before old and lesser before greater. For example, at a dinner party, a dry red dinner wine may be followed with a sweet white wine or champagne for dessert.
Generally, to bring out their full flavour, red wine should be enjoyed at room temperature and white wine served chilled. On a hot summer evening, red wine can be placed in the refrigerator for 10 - 15 minutes to cool it, but not chill it.
The sweeter the white wine, the colder it should be. Blush wine also tastes better chilled. 

Storing Wine

Wine, like all food, is perishable. Wine deteriorates mainly due to exposure to air, heat and light. Store wine in a cool dark dry place.
The temperature range for storing wine is from 45° - 70°F (7° - 21°C), with the ideal temperature being 55°F (13°C).
Wine sealed with a cork should be placed on its side. This prevents the cork from drying out and shrinking, allowing air to enter the bottle. Champagne, however, should be stored in an upright position. Wine bottles with screw caps may be stored in any position.
Last updated on January 18, 2019