​Barbecue Safety Tips
​Safety is just as important when grilling as it is when cooking in the kitchen. When using your barbecue, always have a fire extinguisher nearby, and check the date to make sure the extinguisher hasn’t expired. When you open the lid of your barbecue, it should not touch the fence, the deck railing, the house or any other objects. With the lid open, there should be a safety perimeter around the barbecue. This distance is typically listed in your owner’s manual, which you should always read before using your barbecue. If you have a side burner, the owner’s manual will instruct you on how to properly operate it. Always be mindful of which dials control which burner, and always keep the side burner lid closed when you’re not using it. After every use, allow the barbecue to cool completely, and brush the grill to remove any debris.
Last updated on December 04, 2018