What's Hot - August 2016
It’s harvesting time! Whether you’ve been diligently working on your garden this summer or cruising through your local farmers' markets—you’ll be noticing an abundance of produce. It’s a great time to stock up and get ready for preserving season.


How to Clean and Store Camping Gear

Cleaning out Your Camper Tips

​Tips to ensure your gear will be ready for next season. ​Follow these easy steps to keep your camper in tip-top shape.


​Recipe of the Month

“Sour cherries are in season and my favourite way to preserve their wonderful flavour is our Evans Cherry Jam,” says Debra, ATCO Blue Flame Kitchen Community Educator and Professional Home Economist. “The jam can be made now or the sour cherries can be washed, pitted, crushed, measured into 4 cup portions and frozen in freezer bags to be made into jam during the winter months. This month, I will also be canning Dilly Green Beans and Cucumber Hot Dog Relish – these are two of many preserving recipes on our website. If you don’t feel like pulling out your boiling water canner there are small batch recipes for refrigerator and freezer pickles, too.”



Upcoming Events

​Learn how to gut, clean and fillet a fish with these easy to follow steps. ​See where we'll be in the community and come say hi!


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