What's Hot June 2016

There is a lot to celebrate in June - the first day of summer and Father's Day! We have barbecue recipes and summer treats to get you outdoors for our warmer weather. Also, ATCOenergy has an exciting announcement.


Backyard Barbecue

With the first day of summer approaching, you'll want to get outdoors and get grilling with these recipes:





                  Also, try our From the Grill cookbook for more delicious barbecue recipes - order online today! 


Gift Ideas for Dad

Rubs and Marinades

​Our top 216 gift ideas for dad, all $20 and under. ​Go beyond the basic salt and pepper by adding rubs and marinades.


Recipe of the Month

“When it’s finally hot enough in Alberta to enjoy some icy treats, I love making homemade ice cream sandwiches or popsicles," says ATCO Blue Flame Kitchen Home Economist and Community Educator Caitlyn. "Use your favourite cookie to sandwich store-bought ice cream between or make our Quinoa Brownie Ice Cream Sandwiches. I tend to make too much smoothie in the morning, so I freeze the rest for an icy treat later on. Our Pop Molds make the perfect gift and work well when making our Cherry Lime Smoothie Pops."


Summer Treats

Green Onion Cakes

​Celebrate the first day of summer with these treats! ​Edmontonians love green onion cakes, why hasn't their popularity spread to Calgary?

Last updated on January 18, 2019