What's Hot November 2016
Our latest Holiday Collection cookbook has hit the shelves! In this new edition, we’ve challenged ourselves to take classic dishes and reinvent them with new techniques and flavours. Purchase your copy to discover recipes such as our Simple Stuffing Waffles, Slow Cooker Chicken Paprikash Stew and Butter Tart Baklava.


The Versatile Potato

With so many types of potatoes and methods to prepare each of them, there seems to be an infinite number of ways to enjoy these hearty, starchy spuds!​ ​

Holiday Collection 2016

How to Choose a Potato

​Transform your favourite holiday classics. Purchase a copy today! ​Did you know choosing the right type can determine the success of a recipe?

​Recipe of the Month

“The ingredients list for our Coconut Chicken Soup may seem intimidating at first, but the majority of those are common herbs and spices,” says J.P., ATCO Blue Flame Kitchen Chef Instructor. “And the variety of those flavours is what makes this soup standout with its exciting and different combinations. To extend this recipe further, leave the rice to the side until you are ready to serve. This will allow you to freeze portions to have on hand for lunches or a quick dinner.” 

Laundry How-To

Cooking Paper

​Learn how to remove red wine or nail polish stains, and so much more! ​Learn the differences between cooking papers and which job they are best suited for.

Last updated on January 18, 2019