Classes at ATCO Blue Flame Kitchen​​​​



Get your team cooking with a fun, informative team building event at our Calgary Learning Centre. Our culinary team has combined their expertise to create delicious ways to build both your team and your employees' appetites. Build your team with us!





Kids Cooking Camps and Birthday Parties

Can you have a great time and learn useful kitchen skills at the same time? We certainly think so. Our spring and summer cooking camps provide professional chef instruction to help your budding home cook hone their technique. Our kids birthday parties are a great way to get out of the house and into a fun, creative kitchen environment. Events are offered at our Calgary Learning Centre.


 School Programs

Our Kids Can Cook Program is an award-winning school program for students in Grade 5. Chef instructors give students a great introduction to the world of cooking. Learn about kitchen safety and basic cooking skills while helping to prepare a delicious, nutritious lunch. This program is offered at our Calgary Learning Centre.

The Young Chefs Program is in partnership with E4C. Our community educators deliver cooking classes to Grade 4 students in high-needs Edmonton area schools. Students learn how to prepare and cook food, while building confidence and healthy relationships with food

Cooking Classes
Last updated on February 23, 2018