Hands On

In Calgary

Watch a quick chef demonstration before getting hands on experience making recipes from our selection of themes. We recommend hands on classes for groups between 12 and 24 people. The event is 2.5 hours consisting of a welcoming reception, a brief chef demonstration before the hand on interaction and lastly a delicious three course meal.

Capacity: 12 - 24 guests  /  Duration: 2.5 hours


To book an event with us or for more information call us at 403-245-7630 or email.  

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In Edmonton

We can accomdate groups of up to 12 people (minimum of 8), and offer themes ranging from Appetizers to Mexican Fiesta. We are always updating our class themes so let us know if there is something you would like to do and we will try our best to accommodate it. In each 2 hour class, the group will receive a short intro, a demo of the recipes, and then they will make the selected recipes. We make some samples in advance and you will get to either eat what you make in class or take it home to cook and enjoy!

Capacity: 8 - 12 guests  /  Duration: 2 Hours


To book an event with us, call 780 - 420-7282.

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Hands-On Class Themes

Fine canapes


APPETIZERS - Edmonton Theme

A great way to start a party is with elegant food! Learn how to make hot and cold appetizers that are sure to impress your guests! Work as a team and enjoy hat you make at the end of the class.


Fine canapes

BREAD - Edmonton Theme

Learn the history, art and science of bread making. Try your hand at making a few choice recipes to take home and enjoy.
Fine canapes

PEROGIES - Calgary Theme

Learn how to make fresh, homemade perogies. We’ll start with making the basics: the dough and potato and cheese filling. Then, we’ll take these to the next level with making nacho-style perogies and what would be perogies be without Ukrainian beet soup to go with them?   
Fine canapes

GNOCCHI - Edmonton Theme

Gnocchi are lovely little Italian dumplings that go with just about any sauce. Learn how to make gnocchi from scratch and enjoy your hard work with your guests.
Gnocchi and Ricotta


The Chef Instructors demonstrate how to make fresh ricotta cheese and authentic Tiramisu. Then roll up your sleeves and get hands on experience making ricotta gnocchi and create your own unique salad dressings.

GREEK - Calgary Theme

The evening will begin with a Chef Instructor demonstrating how to prepare hummus and Greek ribs. Then it will be your turn to make pita bread, tzatziki and chicken souvlaki, which you can package up to take home.


​INDIAN - Calgary Theme

Love Indian cuisine? Get hands on experience making authentic Indian dishes such as vegetable samosas, naan bread, and Makhani chicken, also known as butter chicken, all under the guidance of our team of Chef Instructors.

​MEXICAN - Calgary Theme

The Chef Instructors demonstrate how to cook your choice of either braised pork shoulder or pulled chicken. Then get hands on experience making tortillas from scratch, authentic pico de gallo and fresh guacamole.


Fine canapes

MEXICAN FIESTA - Edmonton Theme

Full of spice and flavour, Mexican themed foods are always a crowd pleaser! Work together to make some delicious Mexican dishes and take home some of your own scrumptious creations. Olay!

PIZZA - Calgary Theme

Ever wondered how to make perfect pizza at home? Learn how to make pizza dough under the guidance of our Chef Instructors. Then roll and top your own pizza or calzone, depending on the size of your group, and see how we make delicious, fresh pizza sauce.
Fine canapes

PIZZA - Edmonton Theme

From the dough to the sauce and toppings, pizza is a work of art! Learn how to make pizza from scratch and then make your own to take home for dinner.

​TAPAS - Calgary Theme

Get hands on experience assembling and plating various tapas as our Chef Instructors take you through everything from knife skills with Antipasti Bruschetta to rolling Prosciutto-wrapped Prawns.

VIETNAMESE - Calgary Theme

The Chef Instructors demonstrate how to make authentic Pho Broth. Then get hands on experience assembling fresh salad rolls and learn to use your knife like a professional Chef by cutting vegetables for the salad rolls and for soup garnish.


Last updated on July 17, 2018