School Programs​​
We support School Programs in both Calgary and Edmonton. We believe that by teaching kids about basic cooking skills, food, and kitchen safety, that we are helping them develop valuable life skills that allow them to grow.

Our Programs

School Programs at ATCO Blue Flame Kitchen
Kids Can Cook

Our Kids Can Cook Programs take place in the Calgary Learning Centre for grade 5 students and as Edmonton in-school field trips for grades 3/4 and 5/6.
Students will learn:
  • basic cooking skills
  • kitchen safety in a fun, fully interactive format.
  • health and life skills aligned with their school curriculum.

The program also provides teachers with the tools and resources to incorporate healthy living activities into their classrooms. 

The Experience

In Calgary: Our team of chef instructors facilitate an interactive learning experience and group discussions as students rotate through a series of stations. At each learning station, hands-on activities are tied to the curriculum and skills development.

In Edmonton: Community Educators travel to your classroom to give students the knowledge and skills to empower them to make healthy choices. Students do hands-on activities tied to the curriculum and skills development. We bring all the food, equipment and recipes.
Activities include:
  • Preparation 
  • Cooking  (calgary)
  • Tasting
  • Eating together as a group
Once students are back at school, their experience at the ATCO Blue Flame Kitchen can be used in other subjects, too. We love getting letters (PDF, 144 kb) and other creative projects (PDF, 164 kb) from students.

 Letters From Students


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 From a Parent:


"My son attended your cooking school with his grade 5 class and I just wanted to pass along my surprise at how your class affected him (in a good way).

When I pulled up yesterday he was standing in the doorway wearing his chef's hat from the class, and he proceeded to share information and items from his take-home bag, and he showed me all of the recipes they made during the class. My son is a chicken fingers and fries kind of kid, and has never been interested in helping in the kitchen. He continued to talk about what he learned in the class over the course of the evening. He also made me come watch him use his new cutting technique he learned as he made his lunch for today.

As I tucked him into bed last night, he proceeded to share with me the proper technique of how to properly stir, and to not over-stir when making muffins. He also said he wants to help me with making supper tonight, which he has NEVER done. Thanks so much for your program - your instructors seem to have done a great job in inspiring at least one little boy.

- Tania"

​Speaker Opportunities​

Are you a teacher, coach, or youth group leader in the Edmonton area? To schedule a Community Educator to deliver an interactive and engaging educational session with your group, please contact the ATCO Blue Flame Kitchen Answer Line at 1-877-420-9090 or


Last updated on June 14, 2019