Kids Can Cook Program​

School Programs at ATCO Blue Flame Kitchen
Kids Can Cook is designed to accommodate a maximum of 26 participants at one time and takes about three hours to complete. The program covers a variety of topics in a fully interactive format. Please read these important considerations for participating in the Kids Can Cook program.


Registration for the 2016 - 2017 program has now closed. If you would like to be placed on a waitlist, please contact Erin Rainey at

Learning Activities

The Kids Can Cook program consists of four learning activities. Each activity is designed to engage students for approximately 20 minutes.   

Booking and Fees

Teachers must register their classroom to attend the hands-on cooking class. Space is limited and bookings are determined on a first-come, first-served basis.

Please ensure only one person per school is booking to prevent double bookings.

There is no cost to register. 

Schools are responsible for arranging their own transportation.


Programs run on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings only (approximately 3 hours), and lunch is served.


Kids Can Cook runs at the ATCO Blue Flame Kitchen Learning Centre in Calgary, Alberta, at 909 11th Avenue S.W. Get directions.
Our Learning Centre is wheelchair accessible and our instructors are all certified in First Aid.
If a student(s) within the class requires additional attention or has special needs, please ensure that the appropriate support is provided to properly accommodate the student. 
All course materials and programs are in English. Please make us aware of any ESL (English as a second language) student(s) in your class. 
Transportation to and from the Calgary Learning Centre is the sole responsibility of the School to organize logistics (inclusive of securing the bus).

For bus drop-off, participants are required to be dropped-off and picked-up on the east side of the building along 8th Street, just south of 11th Avenue. This map highlights the appropriate drop-off zone.
This location has been selected for easy access and to ensure the safety of all of our participants when arriving and leaving our Learning Centre. 
Teachers are required to be in attendance with students. Student behaviour is the responsibility of the teacher in attendance, and not that of the ATCO Blue Flame Kitchen Chef Instructors.
Please ensure all attendees wear closed-toe shoes and ensure long hair is tied back for safety when working in the kitchen.
The ATCO Blue Flame Kitchen is NOT an allergy free zone. If you have specific concerns regarding a student’s allergies, please contact us at (403) 245-7630. 
Our team of professional Chef Instructors will be here to welcome you and guide you through the day’s events. We do, however, recommend bringing a few extra hands. Teachers are responsible for coordinating parent volunteers in accordance to their school policy.  


We are only able to host Grade 5 students.
The program only runs on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings (9:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.).

Each session can only have a maximum number of 28 students, there will not be any exceptions to this number. We want to ensure the students get the full attention of our Chef Instructors and also want to ensure full safety measures are followed.
One month prior to your visit, we will ask that the following information be provided to us:
  • A list of the student participants divided into four groups. Please designate each group to a colour; red, yellow, green and blue – the students will remain in these teams for the day.
  • Names of parent or teacher volunteers and the group they are assigned to.
  • Dietary restrictions and any reactions we should be aware of -- this will help our chefs accommodate as needed. Students will not need to bring a lunch on their scheduled date.
Click here to download a copy of the 2016 - 2017 program brochure. Registration will open Tuesday, June 7th, 2016 at 7:00 am on our online store​.

Other Details

No cell phones or electronic devices (i.e. iPods, laptops, tablets, etc.) by teachers, volunteers or students are permitted to be used during the duration of the class program.

 2015 - 2016 Registration


The 2015 - 2016 ATCO Kids Can Cook School Program is full.

If you would like to be placed on our waitlist, please send the following information to Erin Rainey at

  • School Name
  • School Phone Number
  • Teacher’s Name
  • Teacher’s email
  • Approx. number of grade 5 student

2016 - 2017 Registration

Registration for the 2016 - 2017 Kids Can Cook School Program has closed. If you would like to be placed on a waitlist please contact Erin Rainey at

  • Click here to download a copy of the 2016 - 2017 program brochure.
  • To download a copy of the booking instructions please click here.
Last updated on March 24, 2017