Young Chefs Program

We have partnered with Edmonton-based local non-profit E4C to deliver the Young Chefs program to high-needs Edmonton area schools.

Young Chefs is based in high-need schools also offering breakfast and lunch programs to mitigate food security issues some families and students face at home.

Our community educators lead groups of Grade 4 students through 2-3 recipes each week, focusing on basic kitchen skills, food, kitchen safety and the importance of helping out in the kitchen.

The students prepare each recipe from scratch, then eat and clean up together. The program fosters confidence and skill development in the students, some of whom are the primary cooks in their own homes. 




"This program provides healthy, simple meals and snacks at no cost to the students. E4C and the ATCO Blue Flame Kitchen staff are very organized. There are great recipe choices and the preparation and instructions are easy and fun to follow. The excitement and positive feedback towards the program confirms the value that “Young Chefs” brings to the lives of the students and their families.” – St. Francis of Assisi Elementary School

Last updated on April 28, 2017