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How to make pie pastry

Up for a little bit of self-improvement?

Our extensive How-To guides, compiled by ATCO Blue Flame Kitchen's team of professional home economists, are here to help you make the most safe and efficient use of your time, energy and money. From holiday entertaining to how to cook a turkey on the barbecue, you'll find your answers here.

Cooking 101

Our expanding Cooking 101 section offers practical information for home cooks, from novices to the culinarily adventurous.

Grilling 101

If grilling is your thing, learn more about mastering the backyard barbecue with our Grilling 101 section.

Entertaining How-To

Throwing a party for friends? Inviting the family over for Christmas dinner? Our Entertaining How-To Guide is designed to help get you ready for the big event.

Laundry How-To

Leaky pen got you down? Don't lose your shirt. Fight that stain with our Laundry How-To Guide

Preserving How-To

Whether you're looking to freeze fresh fruit or can fresh seasonal veggies for the winter ahead, our Preserving How-To Guide will help you out in a pickle.


Kitchen and household safety should be top of mind when making decisions in your home. Look here for useful tips on barbecue, food and kitchen safety.

Choosing Appliances How-To

Looking for a new appliance? Unsure what appliances are most energy efficient? Learn what to look for when choosing a new appliance.

Cleaning How-To

Our professional home economists answer your household cleaning questions.

Seasonal Tips

Time for spring cleaning or fall maintenance? Check out our seasonal tips for chores that need taking care of around the house.



If you have any questions that aren't answered here, get in touch with our ATCO Blue Flame Kitchen Answer Line, where a professional home economist will be happy to assist you with questions regarding cooking, recipes, food safety, laundry, entertaining guests, energy efficiency and more.


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Last updated on June 14, 2019