Sending Cookies by Mail

Homemade cookies are a delicious and easy treat that you can mail to loved ones that live in other cities. And those that have to spend the holidays away from their family and friends will appreciate the little bit of home.

Here are a few tips to make sure your cookies arrive in the same shape they were packaged in:

  • Choose firm crisp cookies such as gingersnaps or sugar cookies for mailing. Fragile, tender cookies will tend to break and crumble. Soft cookies, such as hermits will go stale and mould.
  • Frosted cookies do not travel well.
  • Use a sturdy cardboard box or a plastic container with a tight fitting lid for packing cookies. Line with foil or plastic wrap and place a cushioning layer of crumpled wax paper, paper toweling, popped popcorn or Styrofoam packing chips on the bottom.
  • Wrap two cookies at a time, bottoms together, in wax paper or plastic wrap. Place wrapped cookies, side by side, in a single layer on bottom. Layer remaining cookies with cushioning between each layer.
  • Fill all open spaces in corners or along edges with cushioning material and place enough over the top layer of cookies so there is no movement in the box.
  • Tape the lid securely to seal the edges. Overwrap the box with an outer paper layer.
  • Print the mailing and return address on both sides of box with ink.
  • Mark the package “Fragile” and send “First Class” to ensure cookies arrive as fresh as possible.
Last updated on December 08, 2017