August 2014


Cooking Al Fresco

It’s summer in Alberta, and that means homes are hot and kitchens are hottest of all. Why not get outside to do your cooking on the grill? To help you make the move to cooking in the great outdoors, we’ve created an Outdoor Cooking page on our website that’s packed full of great recipes for feeding your family or a hungry cottage full of friends. Here’s a small sampling of what you’ll find on the page.


Updated and Refreshed Preserving Section

Fresh seasonal fruit is showing up in abundance at markets everywhere, which means there’s no better time to preserve the ripe flavours of the warm summer sun for the cold, blustery days ahead. To help make your preserving journey easier, we’ve revamped the Preserving How-To section of our website, including new information, choice recipes from our archives and plenty of helpful, practical information to help you through canning season, whether it’s your first kick at canning or your fiftieth.

The guide also features links to our YouTube videos on canning, including the Various Items Needed for Canning and our Boiling Water Bath Canning Tutorial, as well as our video on How to Properly Wash Fresh Berries.

Chef's Choice

Chef J.P., Supervisor of Culinary Programs at the Calgary Learning Centre, would like you to consider the oyster this grilling season. More specifically, the Asian-Inspired Grilled Oysters from our latest From the Grill cookbook.

“If you’ve never made or eaten oysters before, these grilled oysters are a nice point of entry into this tasty corner of the seafood world,” says J.P. Often neglected in landlocked Alberta, oysters cook up beautifully on the barbecue, and they’re a nice change from fish and prawns. If you’re not sure how to shuck an oyster, we’ve got a handy YouTube tutorial that should help.


New Class Calendars Available Now!

If you’re looking to register in a cooking class this fall, now’s the time to do it. We’ve released our Calgary Learning Centre and South Health Campus class calendars for sessions running from September through December, and all offered courses are available for registration on our website. Topics include Cuban Tour, Wild Game, Baking with Whole Grains and Fall Raw Foods, as well as a special Chef’s Table tribute to culinary legend Charlie Trotter.

Fall Edmonton Classes

If you live in the Edmonton area, we have more courses coming up in the fall, including I Dream of CupcakesCooking Under Pressure and Pie in the Sky. Classes through Metro Continuing Education are now open for registration via our Cooking Classes page. We’ve also posted topics and dates for classes we’re offering through Elk Island Public Schools’ Next Step Continuing Education, though online registration for these is not yet open.

Safety Tip

There are two lines of defence to protect you and your family from carbon monoxide poisoning: properly maintain your fuel burning appliances and use a carbon monoxide detector. For more safety tips, visit

New, Fresh Videos on YouTube

We’ve been busy posting videos on our YouTube channel, and the latest crop is nothing if not diverse. Of course, if you already subscribe to our channel (it’s free, and we have over 4,000 subscribers!), you’ve likely already watched these handy videos. But in case you missed them, here are a few selections:

Contest Winner!

“We have certainly enjoyed ATCO tested recipes from the Blue Flame Kitchen and will continue to do so in the future. Thanks for your support for DIY 'foodies'!”       – Greg and Heather Weir

Greg and Heather Weir were selected as our winners for our re-subscribe contest and they are already baking up a storm! Greg tried his hand at making Carrot, Pineapple and Date Cake and it was a hit!

Thank you Greg and Heather, we look forward to sharing more kitchen stories with you!

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