What's Hot - December 2015

Merry Christmas! The holidays are finally here and as much as we would all like to relax in a big comfy chair sipping on hot chocolate, there’s still a lot to do! We’ve got creative holiday entertaining solutions that will save you time and money!

Gifts from the Kitchen

These recipes are perfect for the holidays because they can be made in large batches and elegantly packaged as gifts, but they also make great treats to have around the house.


Cookie Cutters, They’re Not Just for Cookies!​

​As an alternative to the tradition cracker at each place setting this Christmas, leave a cookie cutter! Tie each cutter with a ribbon attached to a tag with their name inscribed. For more DIY cookie cutter Christmas decoration ideas, check out our blog!


Newspaper Wrapping Paper ​

​Instead of purchasing roll after roll of fancy festive paper for wrapping your presents this year, try using newspaper you have lying around the house! Check out our blog to see how you can dress up newspaper to make your gifts look elegantly wrapped.

​Don't Let Red Wine Stains Get You Down!

Check out our latest cleaning how-to video on our YouTube channel. Spills on the carpet are common during the holidays, see how easy it is to remove even tough stains like red wine. Watch our tutorial!


Janet's Choice

The holiday season is fast approaching and it can easily turn into an overwhelming and stressful time. How do you balance all those holiday commitments such as attending parties, going to Christmas concerts, baking holiday treats and hosting a holiday meal? I have found that the best way to alleviate the holiday stress is to be organized. Simplify the season by planning ahead. We have a great Holiday Checklist on our website that helps you plan up to 3 months ahead. Follow the easy schedule for planning parties, decorating and gifting. If you need some inspiration or a set menu, be sure to check out our Meals for Special Occassions
I also love giving homemade gifts from the kitchen. We have a wonderful selection on our website and in our new Holiday Collection Cookbook. They make perfect gifts for a host or hostess, teachers, friends and family. Some of my favourite gifts from the kitchen that I have given out are Salted Caramels, Grandma’s Poppycock, Candy Cane Bark and this year I am giving out Mulling Mix from the 2015 Holiday Collection Cookbook.

​How to Spice up your Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate is a holiday staple and there are so many different ways you can make this festive beverage. Here are some recipes you can try to spice up your hot chocolate:



Appetizers for Stress-Free Entertaining

There is enough work to be done before hosting a party without also having to worry about preparing all your food on time. These recipes  can be made the day before or even a month in advance, saving you from having to worry about a messy kitchen on top of everything else.



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