What's Hot July 2016

We know it's not quite July yet, but we wanted to catch you before the long weekend to say Happy Canada Day! Whether you're celebrating in town or heading out camping, we've got recipes and how-to guides just for you


​Outdoor Cooking

Since Canada Day happens to fall on the first official weekend of summer, how else should we celebrate than with an outdoor feast?










​Also, try our From the Grill cookbook for more delicious barbecue recipes - order online today!

Foil Packet Recipes

How to Pack a Cooler

​Great recipes you can prepare, cook and enjoy outdoors! ​Follow these 5 easy steps to ensure your cooler is properly packed.


​Recipe of the Month

 ​"With Canada Day and Stampede around the corner you probably will be inviting friends over," says Chef Rob, "and our Barbecued Beef Brisket is a great recipe for feeding a crowd. I love the spice rub that goes with this recipe because of the combination of smokey, spicy and sweet flavours. Make sure to prepare the rub in advance, leaving the brisket to sit overnight—this will allow the flavours to absorb into the meat."


​Keep Your Kids Unplugged

How to Clean a Blender

​Ideas to keep your kids away from screens this summer. ​After making your smoothie, are you cleaning your blender properly?




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