How to Roll Out and Cook Flour Tortillas
​To begin, portion your ball of tortilla dough based on how many tortillas your recipe makes. Using a knife or cutter, divide the ball of dough in half, then into quarters, then repeat the division until you have the right number of portions. In our case, the recipe makes 12 tortillas.

Once cut, set the pieces aside and cover them so they don’t dry out. One at a time, roll the portions into a ball, then flatten slightly. Spread flour on your counter surface, flour the top of the dough, then, with a rolling pin, roll out the dough into a circle, flipping the dough as needed. Shake any excess flour off your dough and stretch it a bit more as you do so.

Place the dough in a pre-heated dry frying pan set to medium-high heat, watching for bubbles to form on the top. Once these bubbles appear, flip it over, and wait for more bubbles to form. A little bit of brown is OK, but be careful not to overcook.
Last updated on January 21, 2019