How to chop and mince garlic
Start with peeled garlic. It should be nice and clean, without a stem coming out the bottom. To first crush the garlic, place the clove on a cutting board, then place a wide chef’s knife on top of the clove. With a safe open hand, staying away from the blade, give it a firm smash. This breaks up the garlic and prepares it for mincing. From there, chop it finely, slicing thin strips off the crushed garlic clove. Using a scraper, remove any garlic from your knife and return it to the board. With the heavy side of your blade, press down in a sweeping motion on top of the garlic, further smashing it against the cutting board, turning it into very thin pieces that almost form a paste. To help keep the garlic smell from seeping into your fingers, again use a scraper to remove the garlic from the knife.
Last updated on January 18, 2019