Private Events

Calgary Private Cooking Class Themes

Hands-On Themes

Watch a quick chef demonstration before getting hands on experience making recipes from our selection of themes. Our hands-on events require a minimum of 12 guests and we recommend not more than 24 for this style of event but we can accommodate up to 36 depending on the menu. The event is 2.5 hours consisting of a welcoming reception, a brief chef demonstration before the hand on interaction and lastly a delicious three course meal.


    Gnocchi and Ricotta

    Chef Instructors demonstrate how to make fresh ricotta cheese. Then roll up your sleeves and get hands on experience making ricotta gnocchi and create your own unique salad dressings.

    Latin American

    Latin American cuisine is full of a variety of flavours and ingredients stemmed from a wide range of cultures. In this class our chef in instructor will guide you through recipes like empanadas then teach you knife skills in creating pico de gallo, and guacamole.


    Love Indian cuisine? Get hands on experience making authentic Indian dishes such as vegetable samosas, naan bread, and Makhani chicken, also known as butter chicken, all under the guidance of our team of Chef Instructors.

    Eastern Europe

    Learn how to create Eastern European comfort food like fool-proof perogies and a delicious beet salad. Enjoy a family style meal of pierogies and all the trimmings, beet salad, and chef's choice baked goods.


    Have you ever wanted to learn how to roll your own sushi? In this class, our chef instructor will teach you knife skills in cutting sushi garnishes and creating an cucumber salad, then they will guide you through rolling the perfect sushi. Finish the class with a delicious meal of miso soup, Asian cucumber salad, sushi rolls, and chef's choice baked goods.


    Ever wondered how to make perfect pizza at home? Learn how to make pizza dough under the guidance of our Chef Instructors. Then roll and top your own calzone, depending on the size of your group, and see how we make delicious, fresh pizza sauce. Your meal will include calzones, spinach salad, and chef's choice baked goods. 

    Dim Sum

    Learn how to create delicious flavour bombs like shrimp and pork dumplings full of bold Asian flavours. Finish the class with a meal of tasty dumplings, pork bao with dipping sauce, and chef's choice baked goods.

    Stocks and Soups

    Soup, widely known as the most comforting of foods. In this class, learn how to develop delicious soups from the base up. Our chef's will guide you through classic soups like chicken and rice, and potato and leek. End the class with a meal of spinach salad with candied pecans, chef's choice daily soup with home made focaccia, and chef's choice baked goods.

Demonstration Themes

Enjoy an afternoon or evening with your team as a chef demonstrates how your three course meal is being prepared, learning their tricks to success so you can recreate the dishes at home. Our demonstration events require a minimum of 12 guests and can accommodate up to 36. The event is 1.5 hours which includes a welcoming reception, a personalized chef demonstration that works to develop team interaction and a three course meal.



    Authentic Mexican tacos with all the fixings! Watch as our Chef Instructors prepare shrimp ceviche with fresh tortilla chips, a duo of tacos with fresh guacamole and pico de gallo, churros with spiced chocolate sauce.


    Experience the flavours of Morocco while a Chef Instructor demonstrates how to prepare bessara dip with pita crisps, chicken and chickpea tagine, and finally delicious ktefa.


    Ever wondered how to make perfect pizza at home? Learn how to make fresh pizza dough and sauce and get inside tips for stretching and rolling your dough. In addition, enjoy tasty caprese salad, and Nutella and banana dessert pizza.

    Southern Comfort

    Experience the best flavours of the south. Shrimp and cheesy grits, southern fried chicken, fresh baked biscuits with sausage gravy, wilted greens, finish the class off with sweet potato pie. 

  • THAI

    Spice up your evening with Thai salad with cabbage, cucumber and fresh herbs, chicken Massaman curry on coconut rice, and lemongrass and keffir lime crème brulée. Learn proper knife skills for preparing your vegetables and how to infuse the right spices in your Thai dishes. 


    Vietnamese is known for being fresh and flavourful, packed with herbs and vegetables. In this class you will learn how to make BBQ  pork and vegetable salad rolls with peanut dipping sauce, lemongrass chicken stir-fry on jasmine rice with pickled cucumbers, finish your meal off with Vietnamese coffee tiramisu.  


    This class is packed with flavour and smells that'll satisfy your senses. Enjoy vegetable samosas with mango chutney, butter chicken on basmati rice with cucumber raita and fresh naan, and lastly Seviyan Kheer (vermecelli pudding with cardamom and golden raisins).