​How to Measure Baking Pans and Baking Dishes

Measuring Baking Pan and Baking Dish Sizes

​In ATCO Blue Flame Kitchen recipes, a baking pan refers to a metal pan, while a baking dish refers to a glass or ceramic dish. When measuring the dimensions of baking pans and baking dishes, measure the distance across the top from the inside rim on one side to the inside rim on the opposite side. Depth should be determined by standing a ruler in the pan or dish and measuring the distance to the rim. Do not slant the ruler on pans or dishes with sloping sides. To determine volume (capacity), pour a measured amount of water into the pan or dish until it is filled to the brim. The volume is the total amount of water used.

Baking pans are now available in a wide variety of sizes, materials and finishes. When using any new baking pan, follow the manufacturer's instructions. ATCO Blue Flame Kitchen recently experimented with some new baking pans. We concluded that some baking pans require adjustments to baking times and/or reductions in oven temperatures by about 25°F (15°C) from those specified in recipes. Dark or coated pans typically brown foods more quickly than light shiny pans; however, foods may look done but may not be completely cooked in the centre. Always test for doneness.