Cleaning and Laundry

Cleaning the Bathroom

Cleaning and Tips for the Bathroom

Whether you feel a need to clean your bathroom completely every day or once a week will depend on you and whoever you share that bathroom with. Many bathroom cleaners are available to buy as liquid, spray or wipes. Follow the instructions on the container and never mix any cleaning product with anything else, especially not with chlorine bleach. Do not use abrasive cleaners as they will damage most surfaces.


Towels & Other Fabrics

​Remove and replace all towels, face cloths and cloth bath mats.



Empty the garbage and see if the garbage can itself needs cleaning inside or out. Put a spray or two of air freshener or perfume onto a paper towel and line your garbage can to add a little bit of freshness.



​Squirt a toilet bowl cleaner in the bowl and up the inside. Scrub with a toilet brush and flush. Regular use of a toilet bowl cleaner will help prevent hard water buildup that can get stained in the bowl. Alternately, clean with a cleaner of your choice and a toilet brush; flush, then rinse by putting ½ cup white vinegar in the bowl and swishing it around. Remember to rinse out the toilet brush and allow it to air dry. Clean the outside with a cloth and cleaner. Unless your cleaning product leaves a residue there is no need to rinse the outside. While you are down there washing the back of the toilet, wipe up the floor and wall, if needed.



​Spray your cleaning product all over the inside of the shower; wipe the entire area. If possible, use the shower head to rinse and then lightly dry the area with a towel or cloth. Be sure to use a soft cloth to buff the shower head.


​Tile Surfaces

Tile is a hard surface that is easy to keep clean but may occasionally need a more aggressive cleaning. Clean with your cleaning product and a cloth. Many commercial cleaning products will not need to be rinsed off, but check the instructions.



If the grout between the tiles is dirty, there are commercial grout cleaners and tools to use. Or you can wrap an old toothbrush with a damp cloth, sprinkle baking soda on the cloth and gently scrub the grout. Rinse well with clean water.



Bathtubs can be made of different materials and may require different cleaning products or methods. Using a commercial cleaner or a small amount of baking soda in water will be safe for most surfaces. Rinse well after cleaning.


​Shower Curtain

Use a liner, if possible. Then you can replace it as needed, and it is probably less expensive than the shower curtain. Most liners and many shower curtains can be machine washed and rehung when wet - check the care guides.



Wipe using a fine microfiber cloth rung out in hot water. No cleaning products should be needed.


​Sink & Counter

​Put a few inches of water and cleaner in your sink. Use this and a cloth to wash or wipe all other surfaces in the bathroom. Don’t forget the counter, taps, towel racks, doors, any open shelves, light fixtures, door knobs and even fingerprints and spots on the walls.



Vacuum, sweep or dry mop to remove grit and dirt. Wash floors; dry using an old towel so someone can use the room right away, if needed.