Cleaning and Laundry

Cleaning the Bedroom

Cleaning & Tips For The Bedroom

These steps should be done regularly, but timing really depends on your own situation. Most people try to do these once per week. Cleaning more often may be needed if you have pets or to help control allergies.



Put away or hang up any clothes or papers that have accumulated.


Change Bedding

At the least, change sheets and pillowcases. Or, if you use a duvet and no top sheet, change the duvet cover. There are few things more relaxing than climbing into a freshly made bed.


Dust dresser and table tops, picture frames, ornaments and clocks, lamp shades and anything else that stands around long enough to collect dust. Use a very lightly dampened clean cloth or a microfiber cloth to catch and hold onto the dust.

Clean Floors

​Vacuum carpets, including area mats. Vacuum or dry mop bare floors and wash, if needed.

Less Frequently

​Dust baseboards, any raised door panels or louvres, window blinds and light fixtures, wash or clean bed covers.