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Cleaning a Glass Stovetop

Cleaning a glass stovetop

If you’ve ever had a glass stovetop, you know getting it sparkling clean is almost impossible. Generally, electric glass tops are harder to clean that induction glass tops. On an electric glass top the element itself gets hot, which scorches any spilled food unlucky enough to fall in the hot area. Induction cooktops are typically much easier to clean because it heats the pot up without heating the element.



Always work on a cool stovetop.

Never use too much pressure.

Don’t use anything abrasive, like the scratchy side of a sponge or steel wool. Only use soft cloths or glass stovetop-specific scrubbing pads to prevent scratching.


Food spills:

Clean with hot soapy water and a clean cloth. For a shine, dry with a microfibre cloth while it’s still damp.



Take off the knobs (if possible) and wash in a sink filled with soapy water. Wipe down the stove with hot soapy water. Get in all those cracks and crevices with a toothpick (it makes a difference).


Burned-on food:

Best answer: Use a reputable glasstop cleaner with a glasstop cleaning pad. A bonus to using a commercial cream cleaner as directed is that it’ll leave the glasstop clean and shiny.

Home remedy:

1.       Lay a clean rag over top of the stain and drizzle hot water on the cloth until it’s saturated. The hotter the water, the better, like straight from a boiled kettle. Let the cloth sit for at least 30 minutes on the stain to rehydrate the food stain and make it easier to clean.

2.       Sprinkle a fairly generous amount of baking soda on a damp cloth. NOTE: Baking soda is abrasive and can scratch glass, so only work on the food stain and try not to rub the glass. Work in gentle, circular motions.

3.       If you’ve taken the stain as far as you can with the baking soda, dampen the area with soapy water. Get a clean, new razor blade (preferably with a scraper handle for safety purposes). Working at about a 45° angle, gently scrape off the burned marks, wiping off the blade and surface regularly with hot soapy water. This will remove food particles and will also help to lubricate the area, preventing the blade from scratching the glass. Only use a clean, new razor blade, because it shouldn’t have any nicks that can scratch the glass.