Cleaning Window Treatments

Cleaning Window Treatments

Curtains and blinds are magnets for dust, dirt and household odours. To keep them looking spiffy, they need to be cleaned regularly. Before you go full speed ahead, check out our guide below to see how, and when, to clean them properly.



Always follow the instructions suggested by your window treatment’s manufacturer first.

If your curtains are too big to fit into your washing machine or your blinds are too heavy to lift, hire a pro. A professional drape cleaner can come to your home to remove and clean them for you.



Every 1 - 2 weeks

Drapery: Shake them out and give them a good vacuuming to remove dust. Use your vacuum’s long extension attachment and vacuum both sides of the curtains.

Blinds: Use a duster to clean both sides and in between the slats. Or, use your vacuum’s long extension attachment and vacuum the slats.


Every 3 - 6 months

Drapery: In a perfect world, your curtains should be cleaned every 3 to 6 months to keep them looking neat. Remove the drapes from the rod and wash according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

  • Dry Clean Only: Don’t take a chance. Washing the curtains in your washing machine could cause permanent damage, like shrinking. Take them to a dry cleaner.
  • Machine Washable: Most curtains can be washed in a washing machine. Wash them in cool to lukewarm water on a delicate or gentle cycle. Dry on the low heat setting in the dryer. If the curtains come out wrinkled, iron them on a low heat setting.


Blinds: After dusting or vacuuming, use a damp microfibre cloth to wipe down both sides and in between slats.


Once a year

Drapery: If you didn’t get a chance to wash your curtains at the 3 to 6-month mark, do it now.

Blinds: If you’ve been consistent in wiping your blinds down every 3 to 6 months, you might be able to put off this step. If they need a deep clean, remove the blinds according to the manufacturer’s instructions. If they’ll fit, place them in your bathtub. Fill it with warm water and add some mild dish detergent. Swish gently to get the water sudsy. Using a soft toothbrush or soft bristled brush, gently scrub any dirty areas. Rinse with warm water. Pat dry with a clean towel to remove most of the moisture. Hang the blinds back up to dry them completely.