How to Store and Freeze Cookies and Squares

How To Make, Store, Mail and Freeze Cookies and Squares

Cookies are often a favourite snack to eat and to share. Cookies made in a pan and cut to serve are called bar cookies and are more commonly known in western Canada just as bars or squares. Many families have recipes handed down for everyday cookies and squares as well as those for special occasions. We have put together a variety of helpful tips and recipe ideas all about cookies and squares.

  • How to Measure Ingredients

    To get the results you want, every time, be sure to measure ingredients the right way. Measuring incorrectly is the #1 reason for baking fails. 

  • How to Store and Freeze Cookies and Squares

    Do you know how to best store and freeze your cookies and squares? Here are some tips:

    1. Cool baking completely before storing.

    2. Use airtight containers for storing. For freezing, choose freezer containers that seal tightly, are moisture-proof and vapour-resistant and are not prone to cracking at low temperatures.

    3. Store and freeze soft cookies and crisp cookies in separate containers. 

    4. Decorated or frosted cookies should be stored in layers separated by wax paper or parchment paper.

    5. To prevent shifting, use crumpled wax paper to cushion cookies or squares in corners of containers.

    6. If storing or freezing in decorative cookie tins, place cookies or squares into freezer bags first as the tins may not be airtight.

    7. Label and date containers and tins. 

    8. For best quality, freeze cookies and squares for up to 3 months.

  • How to Send Treats by Mail

    When sending or giving away cookies or squares, you want them to arrive in great shape by packaging them well.

  • How to Make Spritz Cookies

    Have you ever wondered about making shaped cookies? Spritz cookies can be made into a variety of shapes by using a cookie press.

  • Our Cookie Jar

    Need some new favourite recipes? Check out these, from our cookie jar to yours.