Crystalized Ornaments

How-to Make Crystalized Ornaments

Making homemade ornaments is a great family activity. One of our favourites is making crystals.  With just a few simple ingredients, get the shine and sparkle of the season – no glitter required!



  • Crystalized Ornaments
  • What you will need for each crystal shape ornament: 

    Pipe cleaners  

    2 cups boiling water  

    1/2 cup borax crystals  

    1 L heat-proof jar  


    Pencil or popsicle stick 

  1. Bend the pipe cleaner into a shape, like a star or a flower. 
  2. Combine water and borax in the jar, stirring to dissolve the borax.   
  3. Tie one end of the string to your pipe cleaner shape and the other end to a pencil or popsicle stick, making sure the string is long enough to fully submerge the pipe cleaner shape in the Borax solution. 
  4. Leave jar undisturbed for 12 hours. After 12 hours crystals will start to grow on the pipe cleaner. The pipe cleaner shape can be left in the solution for as long as desired to form larger crystals.  
  5. Remove from solution and pat dry.  
  6. Wash hands thoroughly.  


  • For best results, we suggest crystalizing each ornament in its own container or they may become stuck together when crystals form.  
  • Be sure to wash your hands during this activity! Borax is often used as a household cleaner and is not safe to be eaten. 

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