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The Dinner Table

Setting the table for company

For the big holiday feast or a for a special occasion, all eyes are on the table – and, of course, the food. Here are some helpful guidelines and tips on how to determine the size of the table and tablecloth you will need, how to take care of your tablecloth to keep it looking great and table scaping ideas to make it all look festive.

  • Table Size

     Determine how big a table you need using our helpful chart. 

    Table Size Seats Tablecloth Size

    28"x28" to 40"x40"


    54"x54" square

    28"x46" to 40"x58" 

    4 - 6

    52"x70" rectangle

    36"x60" to 40"x72"

    6- 8

    60” x 84” rectangle or oval 

    36” x 78” to 48” x 90” 

    6 - 10

    60” x 102” rectangle or oval 

    36” x 96” to 48” x 108” 

    8 - 12

    60” x 120” rectangle 

    36” to 48” diameter 

    4 - 6

    60” round 

    48” to 60” diameter 

    6 - 8

    70” round 

  • Tablecloth 101
    • To look its best, hang the tablecloth evenly on all sides, over the edges of your table by at least 10 inches.  
    • Use a silence cloth, a sheet or lightweight blanket folded to the size of the table to protect your table’s finish, quiet the sound of dishes and cutlery, and create a soft effect. 
    • Treat stains as soon as possible. Don’t wash your tablecloth until you’ve completely removed the stains; otherwise, they may be permanently set. Click on our link below for basic stain removal.  
    • Follow the cleaning instructions on your tablecloth. Linen or damask tablecloths may need to be dry cleaned or, if washed at home, ironed while damp. Permanent press tablecloths can usually be washed and dried; remove from the dryer as soon as they are dry and fold right away to keep them from wrinkling. 
    • Hang your tablecloths over padded hangers in a closet to keep them from wrinkling between uses. 
  • Tablescaping

    An inviting table puts your family and friends in a festive mood. These are some of our favourite, simple ways to decorate it. 

    • Long pieces of wide ribbon are great as table runners on top of or instead of a tablecloth. You can drape the ribbon over the length of the table or have it go across to disappear under the dinner plates. Choose the ribbon according to your theme or celebration, such as a decorative Christmas ribbon for a Christmas dinner or floral-patterned ribbon for a Mother’s Day dinner. 
    • Tie simple bows of ribbon around napkins and the stems of wine or water glasses. 
    • Place small, festive candles at each place setting. Flameless battery candles can give a warm glow without being a danger to your guests.  
    • Coordinate table serviettes by theme or colour to match the tablecloth or dishes. 
    • If possible, use some tiered or footed dishes that are taller to showcase certain items.  
    • Tiered serving dishes can also be used to hold fresh flowers or other themed items. 
    • Depending on your dinner theme, place an item at each place setting such as a small plant, cookie cutter, or a small jar, treat bag, sache or tin filled with hot chocolate, cider mix, candies or chocolate. 
    • As an ice breaker, place at each place setting little puzzles, fortune cookies or cards that ask fun theme related questions that guests can to answer. 


    The Christmas Table 
    • For a special centerpiece, spray a few pomegranates with gold paint and set them on top of pine cones in a pretty, shallow bowl. 
    • Wrap bunches of cinnamon sticks with Christmas ribbon and press whole cloves into several oranges. Arrange them all in a shallow basket, tucking in a few pine or cedar trimmings to add a green touch. 
    • Place festive and fun Christmas crackers at each place setting.   
    • Give your guests a little holiday gift by placing a simple tree ornament or cookie cutter with an attached recipe at each place setting.  

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