How To

Make your Own Garden Lights

Make your own garden lights

Looking to decorate your backyard? Want an easy craft for the kiddos? Delight your little ones by having them help decorate and make their own garden lights!  

  • What you will need for each garden light: 


    Mason jar 

    Paint brush 

    Suncatcher Paints, glass paints or Mod Podge (a waterbased sealer, glue and finish) 

    Tissue paper, cut or torn into pieces 

    24 inches wire or cord 

    String of small battery-powered lights 

    Mason jar lid, optional 


  1. Paint inside of the mason jar with Suncatcher Paints (see below).   Suncatcher Paints may need multiple coats to get full colour saturation. 
  2. Place pieces of tissue inside of jar, as desired. Allow to dry completely. 
  3. Tie wire around collar of the jar, arching wire over top of jar to create hanger.  
  4. Place string of lights into jar. If desired, place jar lid on top to protect lights from the weather. Hang in garden. 



Homemade Suncatcher Paints 


For each colour you will need: 

1-2 tbsp white glue 

 2-3 drops liquid food colouring or 1 dab jell food colouring 

Dixie cup 

Popsicle stick or stir stick 



  1. Place glue and food colouring into dixie cup, stir until fully combined.  
  2. Use immediately.