How to

Gnomes for All Seasons

Gnome Pun Intended

This is a fun activity for any age and great to do with a family member, friend or by yourself. Rummage through your sock drawer or laundry room for a spare sock, dig through your craft supplies and then get creative by following our easy instructions on how to make a cute gnome to decorate your home. Variations can easily be done to change with the seasons or personalize a gift. 

  • Clean sock  
  • Raw rice  
  • String or cord  
  • Scissors  
  • Elastics   
  • Ribbon  
  • Pink blush or chalk  
  • Glue or glue gun  
  1. Place sock in a large water glass or mason jar, pulling the top edge down over the sides to hold the sock in place.   
  2. Using a large spoon, put rice into sock until the sock is half full, approximately 1 1/2 -2 cups of rice, depending on how big you want your gnome to be.   
  3. Carefully pull the sock up and remove it from the container. Tie string tightly to secure the rice in the sock, creating the gnome’s body.   
  4. Place an elastic around the top third of the gnome to create its large head; tie a ribbon or cord over the elastic.   
  5. To make a nose, pinch a section of the face, including the rice inside, and secure with a small elastic and then string. Dab some blush or chalk on the nose to make it rosy.   
  6. Continue with additional materials and directions for either Valentine's Gnome or Easter Bunny Gnome. 
  • Valentine’s Day Gnome
    Additional materials: 
    • Felt (2 colours)  
    • Glitter or beads  
    • Fun fur or fuzzy yarn  


    1. Make a hat from a 6x6 inch piece of felt. Use a plate as a guide and draw a circle on the felt piece. Cut out the circle and then cut the circle in half; roll one half to create a hat with a pointed top. Glue the edge of the felt to make the hat. The other half circle can be used to make another gnome hat. Make a small heart in another colour and glue onto the hat. Glue on glitter or beads to decorate, as desired.  
    2. Roll up the extra part of the sock on the head and place the hat on top; glue hat to body. The hat should come down and sit just on top of the nose.   
    3. A beard can be made from fun fur or fuzzy yarn; cut or shape and use glue to secure right under the nose.   
  • Easter Bunny Gnome
    Additional materials: 
    • 2 cotton balls  
    • White felt   
    • Pipe cleaners   
    • Ribbon  
    1. Trim the top of sock, leaving 1 1/2 inches.  
    2. Now make a hat from another sock of a coordinating colour by cutting across approximately 4 inches above the toe end. Place the sock on the gnome’s head, rolling up the cut edge to create a band to resemble a toque. Place toque on gnome head so it sits just on top of the nose. Glue to secure.   
    3. Glue a small piece of cotton ball on top of toque.   
    4. Make bunny ears from felt, cardboard or heavy fabric and insert into band of hat and glue in place.  
    5. Cut whiskers from pipe cleaners and insert them on either side of nose.   
    6. Make two small teeth out of white felt and glue under nose.