Cleaning and Laundry

Household Cleaning Schedule

Simple Household cleaning schedules

  • Bathroom
    Weekly Monthly

    Wipe down mirror

    Wipe down door

    Scrub the sink, faucets and tub/shower

    Dust baseboards

    Clean bathroom fixtures

    Wipe down toilet exterior

    Disinfect toilet bowl

    Sweep or vacuum floor

    Mop yourself out of the room

  • Bedroom
    Weekly Monthly

    Change and launder linens

    Dust end tables

    Pick up items on the floor

    Dust baseboards

    Sweep or vacuum the floor

    Mop yourself out of the room (optional)

  • Kitchen
    Weekly Monthly

    Put away countertop clutter

    Wipe out shelves in the fridge

    Wipe the countertops and cabinet doors

    Wipe off top of fridge

    Clean appliance exteriors

    Dust baseboards

    Clean and polish the sink

    Sweep or vacuum the floor

    Mop yourself out of the room

    Launder linens

  • Livingroom
    Weekly Monthly

    Wipe down and rearrange coffee table

    Dust baseboards and window ledges

    Dust furniture, shelves and pictures frames

    Clean windows

    Shake small rugs outside

    Clean couches and chairs

    Sweep or vacuum the floor

    Mop yourself out of the room (optional)

  • Miscellaneous
    Weekly Monthly

    Do laundry

    Tidy up garage and shed

    Take out garbage, recycle and compost

    Gardening (mow lawn, weed garden, etc.)

    Clean up piles of mail

Take Control of Your Cleaning Routine

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