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Hanging owls

Hanging Owls

Decorating the house and yard for the different seasons can be a lot of fun and a great activity for the whole family. If you love doing crafts and making your own homemade decorations, we have some ideas! Learn how to make a hanging owl by following our easy instructions and have fun finding the perfect spot to hang it.

  • For each owl, you will need: 

    • 1 - 1 inch terracotta pot 
    • 1 – 2 1/2 inch terracotta pot 
    • 3 feet fishing line 
    • 4 buttons larger than the hole in base of pots 
    • Hot glue gun 
    • 2 different colours or species of faux silk leaves, cut off stems 
    • 2 glass beads with 1 flat side 
    • 1 piece of orange felt, cut into a beak shape 



    1. Using hot glue and one type of leaves, cover terracotta pots completely, making sure to leave holes in pots uncovered.  
    2. To make the wings, make 2 groups of 3 leaves each of the second type of leaf. Glue onto opposite sides of the larger pot.  
    3. To make the eyes, glue two of the large buttons side by side on the small pot and cover these with the glass beads.  
    4. Glue on felt beak directly under the eyes.  
    5. Tie and knot one of the remaining buttons onto the end of the piece of fishing line. Thread from the bottom through the hole in the larger pot. Thread and knot the second button onto the fishing line about 2 inches above the top of larger pot. Thread the fishing line from the bottom through the hole in the smaller pot.  
    6. Leave a length of fishing line and hang your owl inside or outside.