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How to Plan a Brunch

Planning Brunch

Brunch is usually a less formal way to entertain and share a meal together. Served anywhere from late morning to early afternoon, it can include breakfast or lunch dishes or a combination of them.  

Brunch can be served as a sit-down meal with set menu items or as a buffet. 

Brunch Tips: 

  • Prepare ahead – make a list of everything you will need. Select some recipes that can be prepared ahead of time such as frittatas, quiche, vegetable dips, fruit salads or fruit trays.  
  • Set up the table with plates, napkins, cutlery, glasses, mugs, serving utensils, spoon rests, and trivets the night before.  
  • Avoid last minute egg dishes that can add extra stress or pancakes that can go limp. 
  • Prepare bacon and ham in the oven to decrease the mess. 
Brunch Buffet 

A brunch buffet is a great way to serve a larger number of people. Guests help themselves to a variety of food and beverage options and you will have more time to visit. 

More Tips for Brunch Buffets: 

  • Tiered dishes will add visual appeal to the buffet table and give extra space. 
  • Have a focal point such as a center piece, vase of flowers or décor item on the buffet table. 
  • For balance, have savoury and sweet as well as hot and cold menu items. 
  •  Keep in mind the two-hour food safety rule: Perishable foods should not be kept at room temperature for more than 2 hours. Use ice packs to keep cold foods cold and warming trays or electric induction units to keep hot foods hot. Or, put out smaller plates of dishes of perishable foods and swap out for fresh food within the 2-hour window. 
  • Have beverages and desserts at a station away from the buffet table to keep things flowing. 
  • Check the number of servings for each menu item to be sure you have enough. Most people will take small portions of most of the food items at a buffet. 


Brunch Buffet Menu: 

  •  at least one egg dish and one hearty dish,  
  • at least one bread-based item like muffins, scones, or waffles, 
  • a vegetable dish,  
  • a colourful fruit tray or salad, 
  • at least one dessert, 
  • and a beverage in addition to coffee and tea. 

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