Caring for Poinsettia

Poinsettias with their rich coloured leaves of red and green are naturally a very popular Christmas plant. They are in abundance during the holiday season and are the perfect plant to give as a gift or to use as a festive decoration. We have put together a few simple tips on how to keep your plant healthy and colourful so that you can enjoy it throughout the holiday season. 

How to Take Care of Poinsettias:

  • Place poinsettia near a bright sunny window, making sure that its leaves are not touching the window. 

  • Keep your plant away from drafts. Do not place them near heating or cooling ducts. Sudden fluctuations in temperature will cause yellowing of the leaves and premature leaf drop.

  • A poinsettia will hold its leaves better and stay lush and green if the soil is slightly moist. Allow the soil to dry out in between waterings. Watch the leaves; when they show a tendency to droop, then it is time to water it again. 

  • Should a stem accidentally break off, trim the stem and dip the bottom inch of it into boiling water for five seconds. Place it in a vase of cool water; it will look bright and fresh for another week or two.