How to Rotate Your Seasonal Wardrobe

Rotating Your Seasonal Wardrobe

Most of us have limited closet space, so when the seasons change, we need to switch out our clothing. We have put together some easy tips and tricks on how to rotate your wardrobe and avoid closet clutter by separating, selecting and storing pieces of clothing for each season.


Separating and Sorting

Sorting clothes can be a big job initially but once done, will make seasonal sorting and separating so much easier.

Start by making separate piles of clothing, one for each season. For each of the seasonal clothing piles, do the following:

  • Separate out clothing that you did not wear during the season, evaluate why and decide if you will wear them next season. If not, put in a re-sale pile, donation pile or recycle pile.

  • Once the clothes are sorted, clean and repair items as necessary before storing. Cleaning clothes can help prevent stains from becoming permanent and from attracting unwanted insects or rodents as well as ensuring that the clothes are ready to wear when you need them next season.



Once your clothes are sorted, cleaned and repaired, find appropriate storage spaces and containers. Decide what clothing is best stored hanging up and what is best stored folded. 

  • If you have the closet space, hang items that will not stretch or distort over time, such as sweaters or delicate clothes. For best results, use padded or wooden hangers. Avoid dry cleaner bags -  use garment bags that will allow materials to breathe. 

  • Lidded plastic storage containers or bins are ideal for storing clothes and will keep out moisture in case of floods or water backups. Cardboard containers work but will fall apart over time and will not keep out moisture, insects or rodents.  

  • Be sure not to stuff the containers too full. Loosely pack and allow air to circulate in the container. 

  • Avoid vacuum-sealing clothes made with natural fibres or are puffy as they require air circulation to keep them looking their best and lasting longer. 

  •  Choose a clean, cool, dark location to store your clothing bins such as under a bed, on a shelf in a closet, in a basement or in a heated garage.