How to Shuck an Oyster

To Shuck an Oyster

An oyster knife and a thick kitchen towel or pot holder are essential pieces of equipment for shucking oysters.

Keep the oysters refrigerated until ready to shuck, as they will open more readily when they are cold.

Scrub shells under cold running water. Discard any oysters that are not tightly closed.

Hold an oyster, flat side up, with a folded towel. The towel will also help protect your hand as you twist the oyster knife.

Place the tip of an oyster knife near the hinge at the pointed end of the shell. Carefully twist and push the knife, boring into the shell until it pops open. If the shell crumbles, move the knife a little further along the side and try again. Brush off any crumbled bits of shell.

Using a sharp knife, carefully loosen oyster meat from the top and bottom shell.

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