How to

Stick Skeleton Hands

Need an extra hand?

If you love to go all out and decorate your home and yard for Halloween, we can help! Learn how to make spooky skeleton hands crawling out of the ground by following our easy instructions using dry branches, sticks and household items. Have fun picking out the perfect haunting (eerie) spot to display them. 

For each hand you will need: 
  • Wire, about 20 gauge 
  • 2 dry branches(1/2 inch in diameter), about 12 inches long 
  •  4 dry sticks (1/4 - 1/8 inch in diameter), about 6 inches long each 
  • White acrylic paint  
  • Paint brush 
  • Hot glue gun 
  • Scissors 
  • Pliers 


  1. Paint branches and sticks white and allow to dry. Preheat hot glue gun. 
  2. Cut wire into 5 10-inch pieces and 2 6-inch pieces. 
  3. Break thinner sticks into 1 1/2 inch pieces. You will need 14-15 pieces. 
  4. To make fingers, take one 10 inch piece of  wire, glue 3 of the stick pieces to the wire, making sure to keep about 1/4 inch between each piece. Repeat with 3 of the remaining 10 inch wire pieces and 9 stick pieces. You now have 4 fingers. To make a thumb, only glue 2 small pieces to the wire. Set aside. 
  5. To make forearm, attach sticks together with 6 inch wire pieces at both ends. 
  6. Attach the fingers to the forearm by grouping together extra wire from the fingers and thumb and wrapping around the wire on one end of the forearm.  
  7. Arrange and bend fingers and thumb as desired.