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How to Store Outdoor Summmer Furniture and Equipment

Storing your outdoor summer stuff

Most of your summer furniture and accessories are made to withstand winter weather but storing them properly for winter will help them to last years longer. Always follow the manufacturer’s suggestions and clean your stuff before storing. 


Upholstered furniture and cushions – Store in a waterproof shed, but cover the top with a tarp or plastic cover, just in case. There is no way to completely prevent damage from small critters that may get into a shed, so a basement or garage may be a better storage place. Be sure not to cover tightly as air flow will help prevent mold growth. 

Wicker wood furniture – Store covered with a heavy water and sunproof tarp or purchased fitted cover.  

Plastic or resin wicker furniture – These may be just stacked on the deck or in a side yard, but will last longer if stored covered. 

Wood furniture – Most wood furniture should be stored inside in a dry place. Some treated wood, such as cedar and teak, may be stored covered outside. 

Patio umbrellas – Store inside a shed or garage or protect from the sun using a sunproof cover. 

Pots (ceramic, plastic or wood) - If possible, empty dirt out of pots and store in a shed or side yard. Pots stored containing dirt need some airflow to the tops to prevent mold and other moisture issues. 

Barbecue – If you do not use your barbecue over the winter, clean it following your manufacturer’s instructions or our general information. Then, cover and store in the garage or a shed. Propane tanks need to be stored outside in a well ventilated area away from direct sunlight. Your barbecue can be stored outside all winter, covered with a good fitting barbecue cover. 

Air conditioner - Check with your air conditioner company to see if they recommend disconnecting and then covering your air conditioner during the winter.