Trail Mix

Trail Mix

If you are hitting the trails this summer or doing any other outdoor or indoor activities, don’t forget the snacks! One of our favourite portable snacks to pack is trail mix. Follow our easy guide on how to customize your own healthy combination of nuts, dried fruits, cereals and even chocolate – Happy Trails!


  • Salt can make you thirsty. Limit your salt by choosing unsalted nuts or low sodium ingredients.  
  • Many ingredients used in trail mix can be stored in the freezer, so don’t be afraid to buy in bulk. 
  • Not sure where to start? You can start with a premade snack mix and add new ingredients to it. 
  • You can add additional flavour to your mix by roasting your nuts, seeds and cereals with butter, lemon juice and herbs and spices. Once it cools add any desired dried fruit or sweets.  
  • Trail mix is a grab-and-go snack; choose sweets that don’t need to be unwrapped. 


Check out our great snack mix recipes or use the table below for inspiration or to help you get started:
  • Easy
    Dill Pickle Roasted Chickpeas
  • Easy
    Thai Spiced Nuts
  • Easy
    Trail Mix
  • Medium
    Classic Nuts and Bolts
Nuts and Seeds Cereals and Grains Fruits and Sweets
What They Do
Gives you longer-lasting, slow-release energy
Gives you energy and fibre, so you feel fuller longer
Giver you energy quickly after eating, for a quick pick-me-up
Portion of Each
2 cups
1 cup
1 cup
Unsalted peanuts 
Large flaked dried coconut 
Crisp oat cereal circles 
Yogurt covered raisins 
Monkey Mix
Unsalted peanuts 
Blanched almonds 
Peanut butter- flavoured crisp oat cereal circles 
Banana chips 
Dried young coconut 
Candy-coated chocolate pieces 
Sweet and Spicy
Wasabi peas 
Honey roasted peanuts 
Hot & spicy rice cracker mix 
Dried cherries 
Smokey Mix
Smoked almonds 
Rice crackers 
Broken Sesame Snaps 
Dried apricots 
Mini chocolate bites 
Other Ingredients to Try
Dried chickpeas 
Slivered almonds 
Sunflower seeds 
Pumpkin seeds 
Dry roasted chickpeas 
Corn nuts 
Whole wheat cereal squares 
Mini Pretzels or Pretzel sticks 
Fish crackers 
Bear-shaped honey graham cookies 
Corn snacks 
Dried cranberries 
Dried mango 
Peanut butter candies 
Gummy candies 
Mini marshmallows 
Chocolate covered raisins