Different Types of Salt for Cooks

Different types of salts for cooks

If you think salt begins and ends with the salt in your shaker, think again. Here are three different types of salts commonly used in the kitchen: table salt, kosher salt and maldon salt.

Table salt is typically used in baking, and has a finer grain. It’s mined underground, and there are additives, such as anti-caking agents. The fine grain allows it to flow and measure easily. An alternative is to use a fine sea salt.

Kosher salt has a long history, and is often used in commercial kitchens. The grain is coarser, so it will measure differently. While some have anti-clumping agents, typically they don’t.

Maldon salt is a special salt from England that is made from salt water at a small factory in Essex. The salt is extracted by boiling sea water in large pans, resulting in crystals that are very large and flaky. It’s used for finishing, not so much for cooking. You can use it to finish things like steak, fish, chocolate or toffee.