How to Use a Pepper Mill

How to Fill and Adjust a Pepper Mill

There are several parts to know when filling and adjusting a pepper mill. The peppercorns are ground in the base, the corns are stored in the middle shaft, and the top is where you fill the pepper mill. To fill the mill, remove the small sliver nut. This will allow the top to easily come off. With the lid off, you can pour in the peppercorns. To keep the corns from spilling while you fill the mill, here’s a handy tip: grip your fingers around the ledge of the opening to form a very basic funnel as you pour the corns into the storage chamber. Make sure not to overfill. As you replace the top, you can adjust the size of the grind by either tightening or loosening the silver nut. For a larger grind, leave the bolt fairly loose. For a more medium sized grind, tighten the bolt slightly. For a finer grind, twist the bolt on tightly. If you take the time to adjust your peppermill, it can produce the exact type of grind you need for your recipe.