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How to Wash Windows

Washing Windows

If you are having trouble seeing outside, chances are your windows need a good cleaning after a long winter. Windows are like eyeglasses; they collect dirt and dust and should be cleaned. Follow our step by step instructions to make your windows sparkle! Don’t forget to clean the window screens too!  

What you need: 
  • 2 buckets for water 
  • Mild detergent like dish detergent or all-purpose cleaner 
  • Lint-free cloths 
  • Squeegee, optional 
  • Microfibre cloth for windows 
  • Old towels or blankets to protect window ledges, trim and flooring
What to do:
  1. Take windows and screens out of the window frames, if possible. Be sure to keep them in the right order to put them back, or they won’t work right. 
  2. In one bucket put a small amount of dish detergent or other cleaner. You don’t need much. In the other bucket put clear water. You can add a small amount of white vinegar if you want. 
  3. Each window needs to be washed completely, rinsed, and then polished.  
  4. Wash the window with a cloth and the washing bucket water. Be sure to get right into the corners of the window and wipe the frame, too. Get all the dirt and bugs or they will just end up as streaks on the window. Use plenty of water and wring your cloth out every time. Rinse your cloth often and change water and cloth as soon as they look dirty.  
  5. Drop the washcloth back into the wash water.
  6. Now take the cloth from your rinse bucket. Rinse the area just washed and drop the rinse cloth back into its bucket.  
  7. If you can use a squeegee, use the rubber blade to scrape away the water. Wipe the blade frequently. Or, use a microfibre cloth for windows (It has a finer weave.) and dry off the glass. First, rinse the cloth in hot water and wring it almost dry. Microfibre cloths break up the water droplets and leave the glass streak-free. 
  8. Vacuum the screen and get into all the grooves around the edges. Wash the screen and rinse with clear water. You can use the hose if you are outside or put the screen into your bathtub to clean and rinse. Put a towel on the bottom of the tub to prevent scratching it. Use a cloth or old towel to dry the screen well. 
  9. While the windows are out of the frame, make sure the track is clean. Scrub with a toothbrush, rinse and dry. Now put it all back together. 
  10. If you are washing inside windows that do not come out, put old towels down to protect around the area.   

Make Your Windows Shine

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