Foil packets are a great way to cook a mix of different foods on the barbecue. This grilled packet is filled with clams, mussels, corn, potatoes and a built-in sauce that can be mopped up with a thick piece of bread. Serve this dish as an appetizer before a barbecued meal or as the main event.

Yield: Serves 4.



  • 1 lb (0.5 kg) fresh small clams, rinsed and scrubbed
  • 1 lb (0.5 kg) mussels, rinsed, scrubbed and beards removed
  • 8 unpeeled baby red potatoes, quartered
  • 2 cobs of corn, husked and cut into 1 1/2 inch rounds
  • 1 1/2 cups chopped red onion
  • 2 cups cherry tomatoes
  • 1/2 cup salted butter, chilled and cubed
  • 1/2 cup white wine
  • 5 sprigs fresh dill
  • 1/8 tsp salt
  • 1/8 tsp freshly ground pepper


  1. Preheat natural gas barbecue on medium-high heat for 10 - 15 minutes.
  2. Combine all ingredients in a large bowl. Place mixture on a large piece of heavy-duty foil. Bring edges of foil together to form a packet; close all edges with tight double folds.
  3. Cook, rotating package after 15 minutes, until clams and mussels open, about 30 minutes. Remove from heat. Let packet stand for 10 minutes.
  4. Open packet; remove and discard any unopened clams and mussels. Spoon mixture and cooking liquid into bowls. Serve with baguette slices for dipping.
Nutritional analysis per serving:


758 calories, 34.3 g fat, 29.5 g protein, 80.5 g carbohydrate, 8 g fibre, 1275 mg


A mussel may have threads on the outside shell, commonly known as a beard, that allow it to attach to a surface. The beard should be pulled off and discarded before the mussel is cooked. A clean tea towel can be used to help pull it off.