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Cleaning the Living Room

Cleaning and Tips for the Living Room

Most living rooms (or family rooms or great rooms) will have many different surfaces and therefore need many different techniques or products. Walls are usually less durable and so less scrub-able than kitchens or bathroom; upholstered furniture can have different covering; tables and other furniture may be wood or other materials. Know what you have before starting out – read the care labels and any information that came with your furnishings.



Start at the top and dust down. Use a lightly dampened soft cloth or microfiber cloth and wipe all ornaments, lamps, tops of books, picture frames, and furniture surfaces.

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​Leather Furniture

Wipe with a lightly dampened cloth. Unless stated in a care guide, only use leather products to clean leather and condition occasionally using a leather conditioner. Vacuum between cushions and in crevices using a narrow vacuum attachment.

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​Fabric Furniture

Vacuum often to prevent wear of the fabric. Check the care guide for specific instructions as many fabrics should not be treated or cleaned at home.

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​Finished Wood

​Most of our wood surfaces have a protective finish of some kind and only require damp wiping. Wood may need conditioning, but very rarely and using a furniture conditioner or oil. Check the information that came with your furniture.

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​Granite or Marble

​Dust or wipe with a barely damp cloth. Use products specifically made for each of these materials.

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​Natural Stone

These usually have no protective coating on them and may stain permanently. For more information, check with a store that sells stone products.

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Vacuum often to prevent wear-and-tear of the carpet fibres. Don’t forget to vacuum the carpet along the walls and under doors. Clean or have cleaned regularly.

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​Window Blinds

Dust as needed. Special tools are available that make this easier. Or, turn blinds flat in one direction and dust with a microfibre cloth, refolding the cloth as it becomes dirty. Then turn blinds flat in the other direction and repeat dusting.


Remote Controls, Toys, and Pet Beds

Occasionally disinfect remotes, gaming controls, and other high contact surfaces. Clean and wash toys and pet beds regularly to keep your family healthy.